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Looking for Test.



So I know that not everyone is going to like this, howver, I am looking for some test. I have been getting shots from my DR, because I am hormone deficent, but it is getting rather costly, and I would rather just do it myself. I have a script for Andro gel, but that shit si 450/month! Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Your solution is quite simple:
1) Aquire a powder source (dont ask me)
2) Learn to brew AAS


I think www.imacop.com or www.buysteriodsfromafed.com are a couple good places to look.

You didn't really think you were just gonna throw up this post and have someone fork over a source did you?

I must get an PM a week asking me where they can get hooked up with a source, and everytime it is from someone that just became a member here and has one whole post here at T-Nation

Guys, use your heads. Even if I had a source why would I tell you when I don't have a clue who you are.




Ask the guy behind the counter to let you see the "good stuff". They keep it in the back to avoid the boys in blue.



hey - go easy on this guy he is fresh out of the academy.


Nice try bro.It's hard to bodybuild on a life style based on coffee and doughnuts.


I agree with you being suspicious. I for one have been on some boards for years...and even though I have been visiting T-Nation for over 2 years I joined just yesterday.

I would never ask for a source like that for reasons we all know but sometimes it can be almost impossible to get a decent, reliable, source when you are just breaking into this UG world.

No matter how much I search and read and research I can not seem to get to a source I trust and feel comfortable with. And because I simply dont do much gear I dont know anyone that I can just walk up to and ask.

Sometimes I wish I did.

Just recently have been looking for a good Test source as most of my prior experience with gear has been with SD.
-Which is a real liver grinder.-

Anyhow...I understand the hesitation on your all's part...but I sometimes wonder how in the hell did you all start.


Your right, nobody is going to like it. Go away. I hope somebody gives you a contact and you get ripped off.

Yes, it is harding finding stuff in the beginning but that's part of the game. It's also out of line to ask for a source on a board like this.

Some places allow it, but not here. Good luck