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Looking for Supplement Advice

I must say at first, that I have tried to do some of my own research, but there is SO MUCH info, and combining it all is very frustrating. SO I am trying this…

Is there a good, fast way to just blow off weight? Once that is done, what is a good way to get back the bulk? Meaning what combinations of supplements help the process, and what is the current thought on bulk, little reps/lots of weight or vice-versa, even the trainers in my gym cant agree on this. AND, please keep it simple, I dont understand all of the abbreviations and codes.

I am 40, and have started losing my “bulk” (I am down to a 44" chest and 15" bicep), not that I was buff, but My 26 yo wife was happy. So I ballooned up to 210 last summer, did atkins and lost some fast weight. My insurance agent says I need to be 168 (I’m 5’7") to not be listed as obese, ANYWAY, I would like to lose some fast weight, get my insurance physical, then get back some bulk.

For my first month back in the gym, I tried OXAVAR, 2x a aday, which really helped with recovery, but I did not notice increase in bulk. I have been off of this for one month. And I also was getting about 200 g protien (half via whey protien shakes)

I am currently doing the low carb thing again, because it seems to be the fastest way to just loose weight.


check out the velocity diet…

Do a search on Velocity Diet or search any of the articles by Dr. John Berardi. I have great results using Maximum Strenght HOT-ROX. HOX-ROX and a good diet/workout will work wonders.