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Looking for Supplement Advice to Get Ripped

Hello I’m needing help on supplements I’m 19 years old and played a year of D1 football and decided it wasn’t what my dream was. So I’m now here and wanting to get swole and finish college out. I currently weight 211lbs I usually weight 220-225lbs I’m 6’1 and I have naturally physique but I’m wanting to take it to the next level and get ripped.

What is y’all’s advice for me to take I don’t want to do any steroids of anything that will harm me badly or my male hormones or male parts. What would y’all suggest I can take?

Depends on what u need to supplement, which is why they are called supplements.

You can be mucho successful without using any supps. Some are useful though:

Protein powders are convenient to increase your protein intake to desired levels.

Caffeine is good to boost performance in the gym so u can get a bigger training stimulus.

Electrolytes and carb powders promote performance and recovery as part of a balanced overall intake

There’s many other supps with varying small benefits which may be useful depending on your needs e.g. melatonin or Magnesium for sleep but almost always u can get a bigger benefit from alternative approaches such as improving sleep hygiene without dropping any $$$

Basics to start with:
High strength vit D3
Whey isolate post workout
Creatine -get Biotest’s, Creapure or Krealkalyn
Caffeine pill and EAAs on days you need to drag yourself to gym
Beta alanine and citrulline malate, if want to kick it up a notch further

Other than that just hammer down whole food loads of whole eggs, greens/veg and get a big quality steak/lean beef at least once or twice a week.
Boring but really get your sleep in and go to bed early on weekdays, should grow like a weed at your age.

As have good athletic base try Tnation programs like this …

or this guys stuff…

Whey protein
Creatine (creapure)
And something to aid with recovery maybe!

Thank you for all the information How do y’all feel about steel supplements ?