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Looking for Suggestions

I am 6 foot 3 inches currently 195, at 10 to 15 % body fat. my goal is to lean out but also get tone muscle not just get big. I want 6 pack abs and great muscle tone. I am thinking of running a cycle of possibly tren and test prop. I’m new to this and would like suggestions to obtain my goals. Without sarcasim

How long you been training? Your goals are well achievable with good diet. Remember abs are made in the kitchen and if your fairly new to body building you will be able to lean out and ad some nice newbie gains at the same time. I have never used tren or done a cutting cycle but i can tell you that getting lean and having abs is easy with good diet

Rule of thumb is abs usually start popping once below 12/10% bf i know when im 10% or below my mid section looks shredded as fuck

I have only been in the gym hard for about 6 months. Before that I would go every now and then but not on a regular basis. My diet as of right now is pre made meals for the week. Breakfast is two scrambled eggs then few hours later a apple with peanut butter lunch is talipa with broccoli a after a few hours normally a protein shake and another apple or a lite salad and dinner is chicken and veggies. Haven’t done much cardio, don’t know what cardio is best, I hate running

So you haven’t had the results you’re looking for after a whole 6 months of training?

Tren is definitely the only option.

Well 6 months of working out not dieting. I just started my diet on Monday so only a few days in

ah ok, so it was 6 months of working out without eating properly, and yet you still failed to get the results you wanted?

I just can’t explain how that would happen. Yup, you definitely need steroids.

Ya I didn’t really watch what I ate. I got stronger. I just didn’t really have a goal the last 6 months I was just working out to work out so now I have a goal of what I want so that’s why I started my diet and was going to do a cycle I just need to know what would be a good cycle for what I wanted to do.

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if you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand

Because I’m clueless on things I have never done so I wanted to get information so I’m not doing shit wrong. Normally that’s how things work, they get advice from people that have done things they are trying to do. This is what’s wrong with the world, idiots like you that have to be dicks to people that are asking for advice. Yet I’m the tool.

I knew you wouldn’t understand

6’3, 195. 6 months into lifting. Giving bodyfat as 10-15% ( huge range). But above all the biggest issue… the use of the word “tone”. Several times. I am going to do my best do be nice here, even though you should probably get ripped in to because I feel like you’re the type of person who would only respond to that.

At 6’3, 195 you are no where near your potential. With a half decent diet and with regular, proper training as a beginning lifter (anything up till you figure out what you’re doing, eg now, doesn’t count) you can put on close to 20 lbs of muscle within the next year and a half. Which brings me to my next point: your diet is garbage. If you ate like that on a cycle your gains would be pathetic. You have minimal carbs (probably bouncing in and out of ketosis), minimal fat (fat is crucial for hormones and overall health), and overall hardly any calories period, certainly not fpr your height. If your training is as bad as your diet, which I suspect it is, you will not make satisfactory gains with or without steroids.

Bottom line is you have ZERO business running a cycle.

You want to stay lean and get bigger, look up proper diets. Follow a macronutrient split, whichever one works best for you (for example get 40/30/30 (40% calories from carbs, 30% from fat, 30% from protein). Find your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) via googling a TDEE calculator. Eat probably 500 calories above that. If you start to get fat, lower the calories. Recalculate TDEE as your weight/activity level changes.

Figure your training out. Don’t ego lift. Use adequate form and full range of motion. No half ROM with heavier wight than you can’t handle properly. Follow a proper routine.

This is why I am asking questions because I do not know what I should be eating and what diet with a cycle. I try to research and its always a run around. I appreciate your input I will try to research more.

Spend a few months reading up about diet. Seriously bro you can do amazing things with your body when your new to bodybuilding if you just get your diet in check. I guarantee that if you eat right and workout hard in 6 months you will have the results you want. I guarantee it! not only will you get shredded but you will have some nice newbie gains kicking in, newbies have the magical bonus of being able to lean out and get gains at the same time. Just google every single question you have about eating. Trust me you dont wanna be one of the blokes i see on here who do a cycle and still dont even look like they lift. If you exhaust your newbie gains, master diet and working out…THEN get on gear, you will have a an awesome pysique

You should seriously just leave this site. It is for dedicated hard working men and women who have dedicated a nice size of their lives and time to accomplish a goal. You are not this person. Your skinny and have half assed pretty much wasted the last 6 months of your life in the gym most likely following some half ass plan.

The problem in this world has nothing to do with guys like yogi and myself who won’t just spoon feed every half ass wanna be who comes to this site.the problem with this world is people like you who have some preconceived notions that the world should just give you what you ask for and for that taking the easy way out to achieve your goals is your go to option after only 6 months of lifting. Research how to fucking eat, train, and recover and then do that for a year. Then research steroids.

Lol wait a fucking minute please tell me your Ronnie Beasley as in Ronnie Beasley from Rossville Ga who moved to Florida? Please fucking tell me your not who I think you are because if you are the amount of ignorance, stupidity, and lack of knowledge here makes total fucking sense. Also if you are please can we skip the how bad your gonna whip my ass when you catch me out with your boys talk and just keep the answer to a simple yes or no for the sake of the people on here.

How about you fuck off because you don’t know shit about me. I was asking for advice just like I’m sure you have done. So your comments aren’t needed. Some people in this world like to help people out. Ya I was going to the gym to get a workout in not a particular goal because i was in the fire academy so i wanted to wait till that was finished to start what i wanted. Now I have a goal so jump off my shit for asking for advice on how to get that.

The fire academy, with all the stair runs dummy drags, hose pulls etc and your not leaner than you want. That means you diet is not right, or even close. Sauce is not the answer. Search the site there are plenty of post on diet and workouts, try some out then ask questions.