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Looking for Suggestions

Ok a little background. I am 35 yrs old and recently found out TRT was needed so I am on 300mg of Test-C a week right now. I am looking for advice on ways to maximize this. I am about 260lbs right now and diet is clean. I am working out 3 days a week. I’ve considered maybe liquidex due to maybe some fluid retention on the sides of my chest. My goal is to increase strength and shrink up the mid-section. last time I dropped weight I felt great about 230 but that mostly was due to a couple pant sizes.

My TRT isn’t part of wanting to cycle but rather running lab tests and finding out my natural levels were around 300. Physically between training, diet, a few supplements (beef protein powder, fish oil, vit. D, multi, pre-workout I have both arginine powder and old formula Jack3d, and Co-Q10) and of course the Test. I have noticed improvements in especially my shoulders and chest strength. At this point I’ve been strength training with my trainer but also would like advice on trimming the mid section a bit. Weight really isn’t a huge concern for me as long as I feel better about the way I look. Also I have noticed some softening of the testicles which I’m told is normal. I know several people say that you know you are about right when your sexual drive is taking a step up…I haven’t saw that. I still like it and get it but I wouldn’t say it’s improved at all.

Looking for overall advice.