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Looking for Suggestions on Trap Bar Purchase

I am in the market for a trap bar. Any suggestions?

I do not need top of the line but I don`t want a piece of junk either.

I will be using it for deadlifts and weighted carries. I am also wondering if a combo bar is better or more comfortable for weighted carries do to the raised handle or is a plain hex bar good enough for the carries?

I bought the <$100 bar off Amazon. It’s really pretty good. Has the raised handles for carries. I wasn’t worried about the strength since I’m still sub 500 deadlifter and the weighted carries are 315 or less.

Knurling on mine is super aggressive. I got the one without the chrome, it’s just paint. Cheap Chinese chrome flakes on some of my cheap barbells so went without it.

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I have a Gerard; The “Original” Trap Bar.
I like the heritage and tradition of it.

If you are wanting to do it for weighted carries, ever consider just buying some farmer’s walk handles instead? You can use them for deadlifts.

I got one off amazon from cap (it’s their “mega” version lol) and it’s plenty. It has some rust spots after a bit more than two years in my garage. I paid around $130

My mom bought me one for Christmas from Amazon and it’s great! As @Basement_Gainz said, the knurling is intense.

Mine was a cheaper example off amazon. Absolutely no issues with it.