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Looking for Specific Farmer's Handles


Basically any farmers handle that has "feet" to rest on, rather than having the weight plates used as rests. Any help/link etc would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Might have to find someone to custom make that. Never seen em like that before.


Why does it matter if it has feet?

I never seen one of those before either.


Its kind of nice for loading, the other option is to make it so they pins are on the top. I was going to give suggestions but you are in England. I'd just show what you want to some welders


This is the way to go. I've been many but my favorite are from a 3"t x 5"w x 1/4"wall thickness.

The benefit is that you can put these into a strongman circuit and have them pre-loading and sitting up. I also get compliments for building these low as it requires you to basically squat the weight.



Had you come across these? Pretty expensive.