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Looking for Something to Help Me Get to 175

I’m 44 5’11” guy That was 395pnds 11months ago. Now down to 190 right now Looking for something to help me reach my goal of 175.
Been stuck at 190 for the past month and a half and kind of freaking out. I train 4 times a week and try to keep a diet under 1000cal a day.

I heard about ketocuts by allmax. Anybody has something to say about the product?

When’s the last time you had an all out cheat meal?

190 pounds is a healthy weight to be at 5’11”. Also, you can definitely afford to eat 2000-2500 calories per day of clean foods. Congrats on losing all that weight beforehand, but right now you’re training 4x/week and you need fuel to train. Food doesn’t make you fat — junk does.

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You think i should go to that much calories a day?

Happend 3-4 times the past year. I have no problem not eating crap anymore. And i don’t miss it

That’s not many calories if you’re accurate. You may have tanked your metabolism going that low. I’m no expert though but I think something closer to 2k calories isn’t unreasonable.

Congrats on the weight loss! Don’t get discouraged, just have to try some changes and see what works

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Depends what you’re willing to do…

On 1000kcal a day, (depending on how long you’ve been doing that for) you might have wrecked your metabolism. If you have been doing it for an extended period, I’d look into reverse dieting, so as to increase your daily calorie intake to be able to properly fuel your workouts.

As for supplements, there are lots of different things you can take;

  • If you’re not already taking a multivitamin and Omega-3 softgels, I’d add these - the multivitamin will cover all your nutrient needs and the omega-3 helps to reduce cortisol levels (high cortisol levels hinder fat loss).
  • I’d suggest a thermogenic (or fat burner as some people call them) - this would help to slightly raise your body temperature in order to burn more calories.
  • You could also add CLA, (although this is heavily debated as to whether it actually does anything noticeable at the the available doses, but if you’re trying everything then no harm in giving it a go) - this (supposedly) helps to increase basal metabolic rate.
  • If you’re towards the end of the weight loss phase and want to reduce the current levels of water retention then you could add vitamin C tablets - vitamin C is a natural diuretic.

If you’re willing to delve into more pharmaceutical territory (not steroids, but rather prescription medications) then there are a few things which are often used to reduce body fat;
(Make sure to do some research on these if you decide to use them in order to stay safe and avoid side effects and/or long term issues!)

  • Clen - clenbuterol is a stimulant which increases body temperature and energy levels causing more NEAT, (fancy way of saying you burn more calories throughout the day) although this can have adverse effects on the heart.
  • T3 - this is a synthetic thyroid hormone, the more thyroid hormone you have, the higher your metabolism will be.
  • EC/ECA stack - this is ephedrine + caffeine / ephedrine + caffeine + aspirin, (although from what I’ve heard the aspirin isn’t necessary) this is another stimulant and will work similarly to clenbuterol, but is on the safer side in terms of adverse effects.

As for ‘ketocuts’, the ingredients don’t seem to have anything that amazing listed so I would personally leave it out but no harm in trying and seeing what you think.

Other than supplements, have you tried increasing training frequency to more than 4 days per week? Or increasing the amount of cardio you’re doing? This could be the simple answer to breaking through your plateau.

Nice, thats a phenomenal achievement.

From now on focus on ‘building’ your metabolism -Up your calories to maintenenance/2000 and run through fatloss templates off this site for training. Either of these a good start…

EGCG pre workout and L-carnitine with post workout meal are good stuff

Wow thanks to all of you. This was my first post here and i really see that lots of you guys are pretty legit!!

Ill read on everything you guys are proposing and ill let you know what worked for me

Keep sending suggestions ill keep my self informed and educate on the subject.

That’s a massive, massive achievement, well done.

I feel like you should be the one giving some insight into how you’ve achieved what you have. It’s an impressive accomplishment.

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Awesome job man. Are you tracking in a calorie counter app (e.g. MyFitnessPal) & weighing and measuring foods? If not, I’d start weighing & measuring to make absolutely certain you’re eating the amount of calories you think you are. As I’m sure you know, it’s really easy to over / underestimate calories.

My recommendations:

  1. High protein. If you can, eat 1 gram per lb bodyweight protein (supplement with shakes if necessary). So for you, this would be 190 grams.
  2. Reverse diet up to around 2000 cals over time. Reverse dieting means that you’re increasing cals over time rather than all at once. So for example, if you’re currently at 1000, you would consume 1100 next week, 1200 the week after, etc.
  3. Train really hard. Build some muscle. Once you get up to the 2000-2500 range of cals, eat more if you feel tired, and eat less if you’re gaining a lot of fat. At this point, you can stand to eat a bit more and gradually recomp (i.e. fine tune your physique more slowly rather than bulking or cutting).

If you aren’t doing a lifting program, I highly recommend doing strength training 3 times per week with some high- or low-intensity cardio / conditioning after each session. If you have more questions about training, we have a lot of strong guys who can help you out.

Hope this helps

Edit: just saw that you are already training. My bad for overlooking that