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Looking for Something Besides Starting Strength


Hey all.

Stats are 5'9, 180, 35 years old. I've been doing SS for about a month now and am considering trying a different routine. I'm not a fan of the power cleans and I'm not interested in just building strength. I was making some quick gains but already stalled on the squats and reset at a lower weight. Still pretty weak on the lifts. Squats is at 140, Bench is 150, Deadlift is 190. I'm eating pretty clean at around 3000 cals(over maint) for me.

I'm looking for a plan that would give me some strength but also hypertrophy. 3 days a week beised a cardio day or two. I've been looking at TBT, HST, All-Pro's on BB.com,etc. Not sure which one to try. I'd like to stick to mostly compound lifts and a few iso's mixed in. Before SS I was doing routine on my own A-Squats/Chins/Bench/Curls and B-Deads, Bent Rows, Press, Dips. I had the rep range wrong and not increasing the weights in linear progression like in SS.



I'd give it more than a month before you change routines. Try deloading for a week and then hit it hard again. Any effective program will include the same basic principles: Lift hard, rest, increase the weight, lift hard...


Just stick with Starting Strength until you get some decent numbers up; changing to a new program after a month is stupid. You will put on mass by just getting stronger, and later you can find a body building program.


Thanks for the response. Should I sub in bent rows or back extensions in place of the power cleans? I know the book mentioned to add them in at some point. Rip doesn't seem to like to use rows & dips in the SS routines but I'd like to work on dips, chins & pullups if possible.

I know I should stick with it a little longer. I think part of it is it is quite boring. I have a desk job, long hours and I think I'm looking for something so monotomous. I'm looking to switch up exercises/reps etc similar to what Waterbury mentions in this article.



dude if OP doesn't like his program, don't tell him to keep at it.

if you don't enjoy working out, you're not going to keep going, and you're not going to keep making progress.

OP you just started out. if you don't like a program, keep experimenting until you find something you like