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Looking for Someone to Surprise a Friend of Mine...

Hi there, I’m trying to put together a little video for a friend of mine, who’s a competitive (amateur) bodybuilder. He used to have a mentor and I’d like to interview him (the mentor) for my friend as a surprise. However, I can’t seem to find this person, and I’d like some help in finding him.

This is what I know:

* The mentor went by the name of "Christian Toth" and met my friend at a gym in the Los Angeles area. He was apparently very impressed with my friend and convinced him that he could train him to win contests (which my friend did).

* He claimed to have been Mr. Austria in the 1980s.

A quick googling of these tidbits got me this:


* Toth apparently moved to Iowa, I don't know the reason. He and my friend didn't stay in touch much after that.

* Toth also claimed to have known Kurt Marnul, one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's early training partners.

So, this is the sum total of my knowledge of this man. Does anyone know (of) this individual?