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Looking for Some Sumo Critique

My first time pulling 4 plates in quite a while and I’m hoping to eventually make a push for 500 plus pounds. So trying to figure out if there is anything noticeable to improve on as I go forward.

Here is a video from the side

If I need a better angle more from the front I can get one of those going forward.

Most obvious thing is the bar drifts away from you as soon as you start the pull. Keeping the bar tight against you all the way up will help in upping the weight.

You could also get your hips closer to the bar before you start the pull, this should stop your hips shooting up at the start of the pull, which could be what’s causing the bar to drift away from you.

I know @khangles has some good instructional videos he can drop you, and @guineapig likes to eat butt too.

Judging by how easy that looked, with a few fixes to your technique you aren’t far from a 500 imo.


Yum butt.

Here @Vincepac1500 is master of butt.

Firstly another video maybe a more front angle like not directly but from the front and slightly to the side will help the form check

Also ditch the fuckboy shoes cos they are all squishy and wobbly and thickness to them that increases range of motion


Yea I definitely felt like I needed to keep that bar closer to me, I think that would make the whole lift a little tighter. I felt like I was missing some of my usual tightness on the lift and that may be the main culprit.

And thanks I’m in no rush to pull 500 but the way this 405 went today I’m definitely looking to get it by the end of the year.

Do you have a video or something for the hips closer cue? I feel like I try that sometimes but feel stronger from the higher hipped position.

I’ll get another video up soon then. I didn’t think about it till afterwards that just the side view wasn’t very useful.

And yea I wear the bike frees because they have a little heel lift and make my front squats and cleans and snatches sexy. But wasn’t planning on pulling so didn’t bring my chucks so had to make do. Wish the school gym would just let me go shoeless :pensive:

I don’t have the vids but some good ones were posted to me in my log somewhere, I’ll see if I can find those when I get a sec.

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Is it the videos khangles links all the time? They in this thread

There’s was also a diagram / explanation in Despade’s Log I think but don’t know where that’s gone


Read from post #435-441

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We could point out errors all day because it’s the fundamentals that need work. Usually formchecks work well when a lifter has good base of technique or “fundamentals” and then deviations or imperfections can be identified and ironed out. When we can pick out two dozen things to work on it becomes less effective.

Read/watch all the things linked. Apply them and then post an updated vid to continue to refine your technique. As is now there’s a lot of issues so it’s better off to build up the basic technique from general guides and vids yourself then come back later for tweaks.


Thanks for some extra direction sounds like it is back to the drawing board for me for awhile. The videos you linked in the other thread are fantastic btw



??? I did tho…