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Looking for Some Jeans That Fit

Same. I have had a few pairs of Barbell, and while the material is nice and stretchy, the price is way out of line with the quality, and the fit is all over the map. Revtown has a much higher quality look and feel at a great price, and I prefer their fit.

Sat here wearing them, yes they are expensive but they will last. You can pick them up on Amazon UK but they come from the USA.

I was a skinny jeans guy but my quads got big so switched to tapered then my calves and quads got bigger but they definitely look a lot better!

I’ve taken care of my pants and they last me years, so they’re worth the spend, rather than having to buy a few pairs every now and then.

Also, I never understood skinny jeans. I find them so uncomfortable. Wrapped around your legs so tight, feels like you can’t move properly

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They are on Amazon too.

They just do not suit muscular legs at all, and I end uo with huge chafing marks inbetween my legs, the 541’s don’t give me that though.

I do wish Levi used models that are actually buff for the pants though as they look better on me than their models.

I’ll take that as a complement. Sure, I have muscular legs lol

time to send in some photos to them for modeling? haha

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In the end I’ve ordered a pair of 541s as they came back in stock on Amazon.

I’ll let you know how they fit. I’ll stick to shorts for as long as I can though and if I need to I’ll squeeze into my old 511s with a massive rip in the under area lol.

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The George athletic fit is really good, for less than $15. I have 2 pairs of them. Hard to find in stock, probably due to their popularity.

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Seriously, not a mark on them yet for me. Phenomenal jeans, super comfortable. The only thing that sucks is having spent years buying jeans for a bare minimum of 4x that for the same thing.

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