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Looking for Some Jeans That Fit

Odd topic but I’ve just ripped the inside leg on my third pair of Levi’s 511s. I’ve only got 26inch legs (middle thigh measurement) but struggle to get a pair of Levi’s that look good and fit nicely.

Just wondered if anyone has found a good fitting pair.

I usually get 36inch waist and34 leg (I like the bigger waist but don’t need it).

Cheers everyone, sorry it’s a bit random but don’t have anywhere to try on all the different fits.

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I buy the Athletic Fit Levi jeans from Walmart. Roomier through the seat and thigh, there’s some flex to the fabric, and they’re inexpensive. Love them.


My husband struggles finding good ones and always rips the crotch. He likes lucky brand which look and fit good on bodybuilders but are expensive. I ended up buying Wrangler Relaxed fit and not only do they fit awsome they last quite awhile.

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Levi 514, Joes kinetic fit straight fit.

I also find spendier jeans fit me better, which isn’t a problem as they last me 4-5 years… So 3 pairs that fit/feel/look great at around $100/pop is totally fine with me. Fit is extremely important if you tuck your shirt in. I’m not a clothes whore though. I subscribe to the theory of owning less clothes, but each clothing piece should fit perfectly and be versatile enough to work with >50% of your wardrobe. Clothes you only wear a handful of times per year are a waste IMO (owning 1 great fitting navy or gray suit being the exception).

I work an office job (with weekly construction site visits) but recreate exclusively in the mountains and am very rough on those clothing items. My office clothes are for the office, and I have a pair of carhartt pants and a pair of hiking/outdoor pants for trail work, home improvement, backpacking, etc.

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Are you UK? Rugby suggests you are.

I just got some Levi 541’s but had to order from the USA as I am in the UK

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Old navy athletic fit… Lots of room for a bit butt and thighs, and they’re very inexpensive. I wear them to work and I haven’t ripped a hole in the knee. They have a sort of stretchy quality to them, though.

IMO the levi athletic fit sort of have thigh room (although still kind of slim fit), but no room for a big butt. Even with a couple waist sizes up they look like they’re painted on to my crotch and ass.


Yeah UK in the midlands.

Thanks all. I’ll look at some Levi’s 514 (if I can find them here).

I reccomended 514s because you mentioned wearing 511s… Which are slim fit. I can’t come close to making 511s work in a 32x34. I’d have to bump up a few sizes in the waist to fit my legs. 514s still fit me like a slimmer fit, but I can actually fit them, while having a proper waist size.

Also, they’re cheap enough that ordering a couple sizes online and returning the ones that don’t fit is worth it IMO.

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Hate to say this, and it hurt me but m&s might be your friend. Lots of different lengths, waists and fit. Some are elasticated as well. Don’t try top shop unless you want to lose your circulation then your legs :joy:

Ariat makes the best jeans. Get the relaxed fit of whatever model you like. https://www.ariat.com/men-clothing-denim?prefn1=fit&prefv1=Relaxed%20Fit

I’ve had gap, old navy, Levi’s, etc. and they’re all good, but Walmart carries a brand named “George”, and I picked up a couple pairs on a whim - I have a huge ass and large enough hamstrings that most jeans don’t fit well on me - these are great 6 months later, are kind of stretch jeans without looking like it, and were maybe 15 bucks. No tears or anything yet. I’m big on cheap stuff that holds up. Probably won’t be dropping $80 on jeans for a while.


Walmart really stepped up their game with the newest George clothing. Those jeans kick ass as long as you get the athletic fit. The Levi Signature series athletic fit are a close second.


The 541 is basically a roomier 514. An inch wider on the thigh (and waist) compared to 514.

you can google 541 vs 514 and look for the website tryfitfirst dot com. They compare all the levi’s models there and have comprehensive comparisons

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I like revtown jeans. Really nice material and fit.

Same issue here. I used to buy the 541s but they were still a,little snug. I recently bought some Mugsy jeans due to their super stretchy claim. They weren’t lying. Most comfortable I’ve owned thus far.

I can’t actually find any 541s anywhere in my size for me being in the UK. They are low stocked everywhere.

Wonder if they are discontinuing them.

I’ll keep looking as I want to try some.

Thank you again all.

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I have a bunch of Levis 541s and swear by them. Keep in mind there are about 6-7 jeans in the 541 line, and some have varying amounts of stretch. The “regular blue jeans” colour has the most stretch, some of the darker ones don’t have as much give.


Good to hear. I’ve had them in my cart a few times.

I got Barbell Apparel and first wear they ripped at my calf seam. Once they come back in stock, I’m supposed to get another pair in exchange. Honestly not impressed for the price and hype.