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Looking for Some Input on My Split

A little background first- I messed up my shoulder in Jan (due to labrum problems) and had to sit out of the gym for a while. I was in the middle of 3 day a week total body training, and I resumed that once I healed up.

To switch it up, from April on I started doing a upper lower split that looked like this:
Mon Upper Max Effort aim for 6 reps
Tues Lower Max Effort
Wed Off
Thurs Upper Hypertrophy aim for 12 reps
Fri Lower Hypertrophy

I loved focusing on both size and strength, so I want to factor this in to my new program also. Here is what I started this week:

Mon Chest/Tris Max Effort (6 reps)
Tues Back/Bis Max Effort
Wed Legs/Shoulders Max Effort
Thurs Chest/Tris Hypertrophy (12 reps)
Fri Back/Bis Hypertrophy
Sat Legs/Shoulders Hypertrophy

I do 3 exercises per body party, for a total of 6 lifts per day. I’m pretty sure I’m eating enough. I know I’m getting enough protein, still trying to find the right carb balance for me, however I always eat carbs pre training. I get carbs post training as well as protein. I supplement with creatine, fish oil, glucosamine, a multi, and ZMA. I also try to get 8 hours of sleep so I hope recovery will be alright.

I’m 5’9 180 lbs, never had BF measured but I’m fairly close to having definition in my lower abs. My goals would be to add on some size, and get stronger as I’m going to start competing in track again hopefully.

I’ haven’t posted on here before, but I had a free minute so I’d figure I’d throw this out there for input from those who have tried similar programs/ have similar goals. Thanks for your help guys.

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