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Looking for Some Help!


Currently running 1cc of Test E and 1cc of Tren E.

It is my 4th week in now and have injected my delt a few times already but on this past Thursday, followed normal sterile procedure, everything went smooth as always, the next day my arm was extra sore a bit more than normal and pointed it out to my gym partner, who also ran the same cycle from the same supplier, he told me its cool, happens. Fast forward to the next day my bicep began to swell up and turned red. Today is now the 6th day and my arm is still red but not as swollen, just started taking amoxicillin 500mg x2/day just in case. My buddy told me this is common could be the gear just seeping down to my bicep and causing irritation, but how long does that last is my question. Is this just a shut the f*** up and deal with it, keep hitting the amoxil and wait it out, or should I get my ass to the docs first thing in the morning.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you all!


2ccs into the delt sucks!!! Assuming your shooting the test and Tren at the same time.

I learned the hard way a 22G 1.5 is not at all suitable for delts hahah I ended up just like you. Took me almost a week and a half to clear up completely. So yes what you have experienced is not “uncommon”

I suggest shooting into the Ventral glute. Or vastus lateralis

If you do like delt shots which a lot of people prefer. Try a smaller needle like a 25g 5/8

But to answer your question wait it out a few more days. And common Ibuprofen will reduce swelling. If it gets worse or begins pitting then yes seek medical attention.

I’m sure you’ll be fine though. No need to panic…YET


Yea dont stress, I’ve never injected into debts always done glutes, but even in the early days i’d inject into my glute and the swelling would run up to my lower back and around the side to my hip and be sore for a week or 2, just happens sometimes other times you won’t get any swelling or pain at all.