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Looking for Some Help with a Workout Routine

I’m about 8 months into MMA training, I’ve been doing push ups, crunches, and other body weight exercises. I just got 2 kettle bells of 35lbs a pieces, I’m trying to integrate them into a routine that I can do 5 times a week or so to build strength and endurance. Any help you can provide me with would be appreciated.

1 and 2 handed swings are great for conditioning.

Check the search engine. I know Mike Mahler has an article on here about kettlebell training.

Do you have access to a gym? Or at least, a barbell. 2 strength based workouts a week is a good frequency usually for MMA athletes. With that, you can put in 2 KB sessions, working swings, cleans, turkish get-ups, get up sit-ups, presses, assaults, etc. I would really look into finding a gym that at least has barbells and dumbbells to do strength training though along with kettlebell work.