Looking for Some Help, Off & On TRT for 10+ Years

I’ve been on trt in some form for over ten years and have jumped around too damn much looking for perfection. Last year I added scrotal cream to 100mg Cyp a week and levels went sky high and I felt anxious and short of breath. I since have tried enclomid and felt awful on it, stopped everything now.

labs drawn off everything, three weeks after stopping enclomiphine. These are from over a month ago

total test 467 (250-1100)
free t 69 (35-155)
shbg 32 (10-50)
dht 45 (12-65)
e2 ultra sensitive 17pg/ml
hematocrit 40.6% low
hemoglobin 13.9g/dl (13.6-17.5)
vit d 18ng/ml low
tsh 0.98

The good:
finally hematocrit dropped and no more air hunger issues

The bad

everything else, ocd thoughts, anxiety, depressed, no working out, no energy, dizzy, laying in bed all day today,feel awful

The anxiety feels like it has blocked me from trying a sensible treatment.

im also wondering if the enclo was still boosting t a bit then bc my total t and shbg have never been that high off trt before. And possibly now I’m actually way lower as my system adjusted to the Enclo being out.

Clomid has a very similar half-life to cypionate, so 3 weeks clomid can still be in your system.

The vitamin D defiency is contributing to your misery.

Thanks for the half-life info. I’d guess I’m back at my usual baseline of 245 total t and 15 e2.

Vit d supplements have always raised blood calcium and led to two kidney stones. Not sure how to remedy this.

Do you have elevated parathyroid hormone?

I take 400 IU D3 because I have a hypersensitivity to vitamin D supplements. I lose 50% of my hearing and ears ring constantly at 1600 IU D3.

A lot of bad things can happen to your brain from having low vitamin D long term.

Test two years ago showed

Calcium 10.2
Pth 36.2 pg/ml

I already have constant tinnitus

From my own experience, TRT doesn’t work very well when vitamin D levels are low and instead of getting it up, you went off chasing your tail to find perfection with low vitamin D.

Perfection is with normal calcium and normal vitamin D.

So should I try taking vit d again?

You’re robbing Peter to pay Paul. Yes I do think you should at least get vitamin D to 30 regardless of other issues with calcium.

What does your doctor say about this calcium, vitamin D problem?

Thy all just say to take vit d. Those kidney stones were horrible though so I’ve never found a solution to keep calcium low while taking vit d.

Apparently Vitamin K2 (MK7) directs calcium in to bones and teeth instead of arteries.

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Which is why a lot of D3 tablets contain K2 as well.