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Looking for Some Help/Advise


Hello all,

It's been about 3 years since I have lifted and I am pretty out of shape now. I am 6'1" roughly 225lbs and I would guess around 25-28% body fat. I have always had a hard time gaining muscle. (Not blaming genetics, just lack of knowledge, ambition and diet). I tired the BFL stuff about 4 years ago and didn't see much muscle gains with that, however I did lose about 25lbs in 12 weeks. Here is my main question that I will follow up with a concern.

I have read through the beginners thread and was just curious which lifting program would be the best to start off with. My goal is to gain as much muscle as I can until I feel comfortable enough to run through a cutting phase. My concern is that when I do lift weights my forearms will start to burn and swell which causes me to stop before I feel ready to. Also, just doing stuff like massaging really makes them burn. Not a good burn (a painfull I need to stop burn). I work on a computer all day which I think is part of the cause (can't change that for now). Any advice on either of these situations is greatly appreciated. Thank you!



Make your body accustomed to lifting again, don't rush into a program.
As for the forearms, there are plenty of info in the net to fight the ills computers cause. Your forearms need regular stretcing. They sound to be pretty locked up, though, so be carful. You said massage wasn't good, but there could be some other form of therapy to try. Consulting a doctor isn't a bad idea either, it can only hurt your wallet.


To better explain myself. I did see a doctor and he gave me some anti-inflammitory medicine which did not help. By massaging I meant when I massage my wife my forearms start to burn. Thank you


Sorry, I obviously didn't read your post carefully enough. Nevertheless, your forearms seem to really be a problem. I have no other advice to give you but keep an open mind. A lousy theory doesn't quarantee that the remedy itself wont work. Surf a lot, I know that you are not alone with your forearms.


You may want to look into the ergonomics of your workstation. Perhaps looking into anti-inflammatory foods or supplements would be good too, such as fish oil.

If you have holidays, try to make sure you don't do any typing at work or at home for the period... see if that might help. Christmas is coming and might be a good time to try that.

Stretching sounds like a good idea, and so does seeing a specialist. Good luck!


Well this is going to really make me sound like I am full of excuses. Unfortunately I work at a console that is by no means ergonomic and until I change jobs it will be that way. Also I work holidays so that is not good either. I will definitely look into the fish oil as well as stretching. I did find a stretching/exercising glove online that is supposed to help. So now I guess the main question is do I lift now or wait until I get this forearm thing in order?

thanks to everyone for the advice...any more is greatly appreciated.