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Looking for Some Guidance


Long time lurker, first time poster - big fan of the site and glad I finally joined.

My Background:

I was naturally very skinny when I was a kid and have always had no issues having huge/jacked legs but my arms have traditionally been extremely small.

When I was around 18 I weighed in right around 180 or so, after high-school I got lazy and started to put on a decent amount of fat and by 23 I hit ~245lbs! I cleaned up my diet and started working out a decent amount when I was 27 and through some cardio (hardly any) and mostly eating right and lifting daily I eventually went down to 170.

Fast forward to today, I’m going to be 30 in June and am looking to bulk up and finally add muscle to my arms and reduce the fat from my mid-section and am turning to all of you for advice.

My routine:

I do a (slightly modified) push/pull workout and only focus on my arms and abs. If I posted pictures of my legs most people would probably call b/s that I never work them out, though I will say this; I live in NYC and daily I average about 2-3 miles just by doing basic errands ? outside of that I never work my legs.

I travel a good amount for work but try to stay as consistent as possible, I was kind of lazy about this in the past and would start off each quarter and be totally consistent for about a month but as the quarter ramped up my commitment to the gym went down. This quarter I?m going all out and seeing what I can (consistently) accomplish with my workout!

NOTE: My gym only has dumbbells ? I live in an apartment building and use what we have.

I alternate the following throughout the week, I work out a total of 4-5 days a week:


Bench Press (traditional with dumbbells)
3 sets of 8-12 reps

Bench Press (decline with dumbbells)
3 sets of 8-12 reps

Bench Press (Vertical - Machine)
3 sets of 8-12 reps

3 sets of 8-10

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions
3 sets of 8-10

Tate Press
3 sets of 8-10

Shoulder Press (Machine)
3 sets of 8-10lbs


Alternating Arm Curls (with dumbbells)
40lbs per arm
3 sets of 6-8 per arm

Tricep Extensions (with cable machine)
3 sets of 8-10

Single Arm Roll (with dumbbells)
55lbs per arm
3 sets of 8-10

3 sets of 8-10

Cable Crossover
45lbs per side
3 sets of 8-10

Low Cable Pulley Rows
3 sets of 8-10

Abs Workout

Leg Lifts
30 seconds
2 sets

Plank (Arms fully extended)
45 seconds
2 sets

Side Plank (Arms fully extended)
30 seconds alternating each arm
2 sets

Reverse Crunch
Count: 20
2 sets

Daily (average) Meal:

8:00 English Muffin 100 Calories
8:00 Flax Oil for Muffin 120 Calories
8:30 Protein Drink 280 Calories
9:30 Creatine 310 Calories
9:30 Protein Drink 280 Calories
9:30 Recovery Drink 80 Calories
12:30 Wrap 50 Calories
12:30 Turkey or something similar 200 Calories
12:30 Hummus 260 Calories
3:00 Nuts or something similar 200 Calories
4:00 Protein Drink 280 Calories
6:00 Shrimp or Chicken or something similar with vegetables 700 Calories

Total: 2860 Calories

This is on a full day with me being 100% consistent with my schedule, this doesn?t always happen though and I usually miss about 200 or so calories.

I haven?t counted up average calories in awhile and was kind of shock by my intake, though I?m looking to all of you on advice about cutting stuff out.


NOTE: This is the first quarter I?ve taken more than protein/whey

NovedexXT ? Anti-Aromatase ? Two pills at night as recommended by the bottle
HOT-ROX Extreme ? Taking one pill two times a day as recommended by the bottle
Creatine ? 2 scoops right after workout as recommended by the bottle
MRI Pro-NOS Whey ? 2 scoops before workout, one scoop after workout, another scoop later in the day

As mentioned earlier, I travel a good amount so it isn?t always possible for me to take a ton of powder with me, to offset that I have some Creatine Chewies with 5000MG of Di Creatine Malate
And I?ll get protein bars or drinks in place of whey

I know this is a HUGE post so I appreciate anyone actually making it down to the end and reading all of this!

Thanks for any input/direction you may be able to offer!