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Looking for Some Guidance/Direction


I started weight training May of 2014 when i signed up for a challenge, a 12week transformation program and even though my transformation was somewhat good and contributed greatly to most of my weightloss (From 74kgs to 52kgs) my lower body doesn't match my upper body (pics attached). The eating plan was also too restrictive and I could not maintain it

meal 1- 2 egg whites/slice tomato
meal 2- medium salad 120kgs lean protein
meal 3- 1/4 cup rice, 120g lean protein
Meal 4- 1 cup steamed veges 150lean protein
Meal 5- ssn protein shake and banana

I trained at 5a.m so 1 had a scoop ssn protein shake after training. I was always hungry and I found the meals too dry and monotonous that I cldnt wait to finish the program hoping the maintainance plan would be better ... but there was no maintainance plan (so called WFBB trainers in South Africa are clueless, personal opinion from experience with 2 so called WFBBs) Needless to say I put on 10kgs after that program.

I've dropped my trainer, following some of the training recommended on here (at the moment following the workouts on 'Build Your Backside, Destroy the Competition by Christian Thibaudeau) and following an eating plan i've researched via the internet which seems to be working as I've lost 4.8kgs in the last 3 weeks.. I cardio at Sweat1000 once a week and a kickboxing class at my local gym once a week.

1 serving whey protein shake after training (still train at 5a.m sometimes 4a.m depending on how busy the day is)
2 whole eggs+3 whites fried with coconut oil or butter
100gms normal mince meat (not the lean) veges added
150gms hake with a dressed salad and 2 x omega 3
150gms chicken or fish with a salad
150gms chicken and a medium to large steamed green vegetables

Please advice keeping in mind i have a calabash for a behind!!

  1. The only picture I can see is that of your analysis... Which, frankly, isn't all that helpful.
  2. What is your age, height, and gender? I am assuming you are female, since a male would have to be on the very short side to have any fat left at 52kg.
  3. Your current diet (which you don't give details on) seems to be working, so what, exactly, is your question?
  4. Welcome. :wink: