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Looking for Some Constructive Criticism

Hey all,
Just looking for some comments regarding my muscular development,







Good legs IMO and great back width… Obviously you need work on your chest though!

Not bad, you look tall, but it may just be the angle. What kind of weights you moving around?

I’m on the taller end of 5’9. and my weight fluctuates between 175 and 180…been having a hell of a time tryin to get up to 190. At this point in time my 1RM in the bench is 300 (best ever was 315), 1RM in a deep squat is, i’m ashamed to say, about the same. I don’t do the deadlift as much as I should, and my 1RM is around 315 with ok form. My lifting has been geared more towards bodybuilding but as I read my own post here it’s making me think I should probably start getting a little more serious about getting stronger as well

Good work, solid build. I would work on the chest some more…

Nice back and legs. Keep up the good work. 6