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Looking for Some Advice


I have read quit a bit hear and it has helped a lot.
I am 44, 155lbs and am a cardio freak?I went to my doc a year ago with complaints of Depression, low energy and I was not recovering from training.
He did a series of tests and fond my T levels to be very low?. something like 95.

He started me on 200mg/test enan every 3 weeks?2 weeks after the first shot I had my T levels re tested, things where worse like T?S in the 50?s. We then went to 200mg every 2 weeks, My levels got into the 500. I went ?on my own to 150 every week? THIS IS MUCH BETER. I am now concord with my E levels and my shrinking BOYS.

I am looking to add Nolvadex or Arimidex and Novarel to the mix. My doc will not prescribe this to my?the anti aging places on the net will sell them to me?. A 3-month supplies for $250 just the meds. This seems like a lot to pay for $50.00 worth of drugs?.Are there any other options out there


Try google for research medicines. Although you will need to seriously talk with your doctor about the estrogen levels.

I can understand why he doesn't want to use a serm or an ai with you. Check your bloodwork and see what your estrogen and estradiol levels are. Those are more of the indicators or aromatization.

Why are you looking to add nolva or ari?


Hill-Billy, I have been following the threads on HRT with great interest as it will be considered when I reach that age where it will be of benefit to me. One thing I have read from the authorities here and it seems to make sense is instead of doing the one shot every two or three weeks which contribute to wide fluctuations in testosterone blood levels leaving a roller coaster good/bad feeling from shot to shot.

You should instead consider twice weekly shots breaking your dosage amount up in that time. This, I have read gives a more steady blood level which translates into you feeling better. KS man is the resident authority on this and I am sure will chime in.

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Dedicated is right--KSMan is the resident authority on TRT. I suggest you search for and read everything he has written on the subject. In short, smaller, more frequent injections of test are preferable (along the lines of every other day). You can usually get away with a half-inch #29 insulin needle, which is a lot easier than the typical inch-and-a-half needle used for weekly injections. Plus, you will want Arimidex to control estrogen and HCG to prevent the "boys" from shrinking.

You might want to look into a research chemicals site for your AI. Anastrozole (Arimidex) will be much cheaper than you will find it at a pharmacy.


Apparently, you are mostly concerned with advice on TRT, but you might also want to consider cutting back on the cardio. Cardio overtraining can lead to significant depressions in testosterone levels and an unhealthy T to cortisol ratio. Just something to think about outside of the "drug" thing.


Arimidex Is a estrogen blocker and Novarel is HGC


AHA, But this is what makes me tick?love the endorphins


90 went to 50 because the HPTA was shutdown, partly from an increase in E2 as well. And increased E2 decreases the effectiveness of whatever FT you have. Injecting every two or three weeks is totally insane. The original information submitted to the FDA has that recommendation as men were going to their doctors offices to get injections. Those documents cannot be revised without great expense.

Many feel like crap with weekly injections. An AI would help with that problem a lot, but in the end, more frequent injections are closer to what you need. Testosterone rich horny young guys do not release T every week or two weeks!

Doctors are often stuck in the stone age and can't think for themselves.


Thanks Ksman, this makes good sense. So, I'll start twice a week injections. I'm due for a physical in Nov, I'll have me Dr. check my e levels, and I'll take it from there. Are there any side effects to having shrinking "boys", other than appearance? What are your recommendations for acne that has developed? Thanks all-it's been a learning experience.


Sometimes what we love is not good for us.I agree with nancy boy (treat the cause not the symptom)