Looking for some advice!

At present I am 5ft 10in and 180lbs with 13% body fat. I have some decent muscle and always looking to add more. However, I leave for a beach vacation on April 10th and would love to shred the fat I do have. I am looking into Biotest “T2” but not real sure on a stack with it to sustain muscle… First, is it worth a damn? and secondly what would help keep what muscle I do have? Any advice would be appreciated.

Yes, it’s good stuff. You won’t lose muscle if you diet properly, but you could add some Methoxy-7 or morning only doses of Androsol to make sure you retain muscle. Or go hardcore with the diet and use MAG-10. All would help you keep muscle, maybe even gain some. See the steroid dieting article here at t-mag. You don’t have to use steroids with it though. Mag-10 would work fine. It’s by Cy Willson.

Stack MD6 with T2 or T2-Pro to maximize fat loss. As mentioned before use Methoxy-7 or a morning only protocol with Androsol (35-70 sprays) to help maintain muscle mass. Also, ephedrine in MD6 has been shown to be muscle sparing. You have plenty of time. Train hard, eat clean and supplement appropriatly and you will be lean by April 10.