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Looking for Some Advice on Routine


I am new to bodybuilding. I have been working out for about 2 months and have decided to stop dicking around and get serious. I have always been skinny and and am tired of it an now looking to bulk up. Here is what I am starting. any advice/tweaking would be welcome.

Calories: 3700
Typical day:
M1 - Scrambled eggs with veggies, Yogurt, Banana, Protein shake
M2 - Beef jerky, Energy/protein bar of some type, peanuts/almonds
M3 - Peanut butter and jelly Sandwich, pretzels, fruit,
M4 - Turkey sandwich, Peanuts/almonds, pretzels, fruit
M5 - Chicken breast, veggies, rice
M6 - Pasta, Ice cream

I also have a protein shake before I work out and one before I go to sleep.

Split squat
step - up
leg extension
leg curl

Dead lift
Lat pull down
single are bent row
rack pull

Decline DB press
flat DB flies
Bench press
Low to high cable flies

chin ups
bench press
skull crushers
cable preacher curls
single are cable curls
Triceps Extension

Db front raises
upright rows
db side raises
shoulder press

I am taking Whey Protein, creatine, and fish oil. I do not know much about supplements so if I am missing something or these are not the best ones if you could help me that would be great. Thanks.


You definitely seem to be on the right track. Eating lots, getting lots of protein, good choice of supplements. Not a big fan of the split though. You have too many exercises for most things, and I don't like how it's set up either. For example, you're deadlifting the day after squats, pretty tough on your lower back.

I'd do something like:

Chest: Flat or decline, incline, cable flies

Back: Deadlift, row, pulldowns

Arms: Close grip bench, extensions, two different kinds of curls

Shoulders: Shoulder press, lateral raises, face pulls or reverse flys

Legs: Squats, leg curls or SLDL's, leg extensions, and a calf exercise.

Of course there's tons of other ways to do this, plenty of programs on this site, look around. But stick to that eating and work hard and you should definitely make some good progress.


Great! Thank you for your help!


No problem, let me know how it goes!

Oh, didn't mention this before, M6 - pasta and ice cream, not so good lol try to get some protein in there at least.


Haha ok will do.


the rack pull in addition to the deadlifts on back day seems a bit overkill, you will grow plenty from deads alone. maybe every 3 weeks or so rotate between rack pulls and full deads.


Good advice. But most beginners can get away with training a movement for way more than 3 weeks before stagnating. Rotate as necessary, not based on a specfic number.


yes, very true, sorry, i usually just rotate my movements every 3.

good luck and dont forget to EAT


Well it looks to me like you have done some home work OP, so I'll get in here...

You don't have enough stuff for the Upper Chest.

Put Incline BB or DB in there, first, and flat BB or DB Press with the Bar or Bells lowered to your neck not your lower or middle areas of your chest.

Keep something Lower Chest dominant though...

Further, you list Front Raises and Side Raises, I would substitute the Front Raises for more Side Raises.

Your Shoulder day is actually pretty good for a total gremmie, I would do Hang Clean and Press instead of Upright Rows, keep the Shrugs and thank me later when you have a grown mans neck.

Everything else looks okay...The Rack Pull and DL's on the same day thing well...You are totally new right?

Shouldn't fail you for now, give it a shot and see how you do...

As others stated that could be too much for you, but you never know if you don't give it a chance...


Other thoughts...

You have all this lower body work the day before you DL, Row, Rack Pull, you might want to spread Back and Leg day further apart, as the small muscles involved in those Back and Leg movements have much crossover.

You may not find yourself doing the above sooner than later, 'cause your gremmie and all but soon as you get half-ass-strong, you may need to think about it, to avoid stagnation.


Thanks for all of the advice. How will I know when I should be changing up my program to avoid plateauing?


when you plateau then change things up, keep with what is working and change what is not.


X2. And if you're working hard and eating lots, that will not be very often right now.


This won't occur for months if you are eating enough. I've been on the 4 basic lifts + accessories for two years now and all I've done is sometimes go heavy with low reps to break things up a bit.


ok thanks


Just for newb ref...Progress in Weight Training, is measured like this, IN YEARS, not weeks...

It should take a few years for you Kernal to 'stagnate' if you keep upping the food intake along with strength/volume/bw gains...

2-3 years is how long most people take to get 'half-ass-strong' like I suggested.


Ok thanks