Looking for Short Power Rack

A little while back I posted looking for info on the Powertec power rack. Started really looking into it and made some measurements. I seem to have about 82.5 to 83 inches in the basement and that rack comes in at 82. I was wondering if this would be a big problem since I’m gonna want to put something down to protect the floor. Also if someone could suggest a smaller power rack that has a lat tower that would be great aswell.

Well obvious questions. Is what your putting onn the floor = to or more than that 1/2-1 inch?? Are there any screws nuts bolts that have to be fastened from the top when constructing this thing??

Id say call elitefitness and ask Dave and the crew Im sure they would custom build a shorter rack.

If you can afford it, I would call Steve at Williams Strength Products to see about a custom rack. These are the guys that are contracted to build the Elitefts racks. Skip the middle man and go straight to the source.