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Looking for Protein Bars

I’m looking for a relatively-cheap, decent-tasting protein bar, that is free of soy isolates or soy protein nuggets. Any suggestions, aside from Metabolic Drive Bars?

Also, do you guys think it is worth avoiding protein bars that contain soy protein?

there are few decently priced ones aside form Metabolic Drive bars.

And yes, it is worth it to avoid them. Why not have regular food in a container? or use a shake which is clearly the better product.

I mkae my own “protein bars” by slicing thick steak roast into “bar” shapes and BBQing them to perfection and keeping in ziplock bags. then when I need it I rip one out of my pocket and eat away.

dogs seem to like me more since using this strategy.


I’ve been a big fan of the Supreme Protein carb conscious bars. Price is pretty competitive if you buy them by the box.

Muscle Sandwich.

Most protein bars are pretty expensive ways to get protein. You could “Make your own” with Toast and Peanut Butter.

Avoid Soy. Even if it’s not that bad for you, it’s girly.

Pure ProteinChocolate Chip are not bad. They taste decent and are deecnt quality. You can get a 6 pack pretty cheap at walmart. Around 6 dollars.

Metabolic Drive cookie dough taste better to me but not to my wife. The protein is higher quality in the Metabaloic Drive. Laste time they had a really good sale on them I think I bought about 200 dollars worth.

With free shipping, no sales tax, and better quality they are honestly a pretty damn good deal on this site.

Even on a tight budget lately I feel bad I have not placed an order for awhile from Biotest. I am craving these damn things I may just have to order some soon.

I second what icecold says; I buy Pure Protien Chocolate Deluxe for $6.80 a box at wal-mart for 6 ($1.13ea!)

I just ate one.

180 calories
4.5g fat
15g carbs
20g protien
taste: awesome (very similar to Biotest bars)

VPX Zero Impact bars

very quality ingredients and taste excellent. 30g protein per bar and they fill you up like a meal.

im liking met-rx’s pure protein. im getting them for around $1.89 each. the only two that are any good are the chocolate chocolate chunk and chocolate fusion (or something close to that name)
anyone have any others they like?