Looking for Powerlifting/Strongman Advice

Hi, this is my first post in T-Nation and I’ve just been looking for general advice for powerlifting and strongman.

Currently my primary goal is to just get stronger, I’m not lusting after hypertrophy or huge muscularity and definition. I want to improve my powerlifting numbers and be able to compete in strongman events. Maybe eventually move to powerlifting competitively. I’ve been hitting the gym fairly seriously for a little over 4 months now and while I’ve seen significant gains, I’m wondering if my training is fitting my goals.

A few of my current problems are where to put extra leg work in, how to do front squats/zercher squats, if I should do more deadlifts, and why is my close grip bench press significantly stronger than my standard grip. Those questions are foremost and any help would be greatly appreciated. Other questions include how should I train for strongman events with few or none of the implements.

Typically my split goes as such:
Monday- Overhead Pressing (Heavy) and Bench (Light) with accessory work for both

Tuesday- Deadlift, Pendlay Rows, Pull Ups, Kroc Rows, Back Extension, Kettlebell Swings, sometimes Hang Cleans

Wednesday- Rest

Thursday- Heavy Bench Press, Arms, occasionally Power Snatch and Continental Clean and Press

Friday- Legs, Back Squats, Dynamic jumps, Leg Press, RDL, Power Clean, Walking Lunges

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Core/Grip/Arms

My stats as of now are:
~270 lbs body weight
5x 185lb Power Clean
3x 145lb Power Snatch
1x 250lb Bench Press (Close Grip)
1x 335lb Squat
1x 425lb Deadlift
1x 200lb Push Press

Note These are weights that I am extremely certain have good form and have used full ROM, I’ve hit higher on squats and am positive I can go higher on deadlifts but these are my proper numbers, no inflation

Check out Alpha/Brian Alsruhe’s log here and youtube channel an amazing resource and been Maryland State champ in strongman 2 out of last 3 years…

If you’re aspiring to compete in strongman then I would do conditioning. If you’re sspiring to compete in powerlifting then I would do conditioning.

If you just want to fool around in the gym but have some goal/structure around strength, then I would do conditioning.

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Thank you, that is extremely helpful!