Looking for Powerlifting Gym in North Tucson

I have a 3 day business meeting at a resort in North Tucson coming up and am looking for a gym to work out on my squat day. Any suggestions?

Here is a review of one gym in the area I will not be going to:

“Most gyms are filthy and have a bunch of meatheads working there and as members. This gym is classy, professional and has great equipment. The lighting on the top floor is spectacular, unlike the fluorescent lights in most gyms. The views, parking and location are great. The staff beats out that of any gym I’ve visited, Master’s degrees and Ph.D.'s Good luck finding a gym with all of this. If you just want cheap, we don’t want you as a co-member.”

Unfortunately it was anonymous so I can’t ask him for his worst gym in Tucson.