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Looking for Power-Weight Advice


If you guys dont know me I am very into my Gymnastics. I have been training in it for the last 4 years or so and am enjoying it very much but I found for the first year or so I was just not strong enough and had to stack on so Kgs of quality strength and muscle to get a better P-W ratio. I have been doing so for the past couple of years and have had very good gains in muscle mass and strength.

I still have some time and weight to go but what would you guys consider to be the best way to figure out how to level off at the best weight?

If you do care I am 6'0 and about 82kg/183lb and have a very low BF (I am vascular and you can see striations). I am at gymnastics twice a week and at the gym 4 times a week. I deadlift 180Kg/396lb, squat- 205kg/451lb and Bench 110Kg/242lb. I suffered a Major back injury last march and am nearly recovered from that. My gymnastics in ONLY FLOOR. I am currently aiming to level off at about 90Kg/198lb.


I would guess that you are too heavy when you can no longer perform the skills that put you in the least advantageously leveraged positions. Planches and the like. That could be a long while or a very short while depending on how your weight is distributed. That’s just a guess though.


Come on guys!

I am just currently worrying a bit because I am already being told by the other guys in my classes that I am getting too big. I think its just because I am bigger then them but still.


I don’t know much about gymnastics, but perhaps you should base your judgement on:

  • Whether your relative strength is increasing as your bodyweight increases
  • Whether you can perform your gymnastics skills / even perform new skills you were unable to previously
  • How much top gymnasts weigh at your height

Oh just out of curiosity, why aren’t you spending more time at gymnastics than in the weight room? (Not that I know anything about gymnastics, but I always had the impression that gymnasts trained their skills with really high frequency.)


I am currently finishing off a Eletrical Eng. Degree and dont have much time during the day to get to gymnastics but my gym is 24/7 so I can get there easily thats why I am not at gymnastics that much right now. Soon as I am in holidays I am there 5 days a week.