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Looking for PL's In N.E. Ohio


Are there any powerlifters out there in the Akron, OH area? Or even anywhere near like Cleveland, Canton? I am in deperate need of some training partners who are a little more into powerlifting. I am done with football now and am just doing meets from here on so I am looking for some guys with the same interests. I am definitely willing to drive at most an hour if need be. Thanks guys.


I used to train (once in a while) at a place called "Bodybuilders" in Akron. I think it was off Route 8, close to Tallmadge.
Anyway, they had a whole room devoted to powerlifting in the back of the gym...pretty intense guys back there!!
Hope this help!!


You're only about three hours from West Side Barbell in London, OH.


FYI...West Side is in Columbus (Grove City), not London. Elite Fitness is in London.

Anyway, I know two good places to lift in that area. My fiancee was from Akron and, before I talked her into moving to Circleville with me, I was planning to go live with her. I scouted around for hardcore gyms.
Headhunter Barbell is in Wadsworth, which is about 30 minutes or so from Akron. Good group of guys who can put up some nice weight. John Kelly runs the place. Here is their site:

Also, up around Cleveland/Port Clinton is Outlaw Barbell. Again, another bunch of heavy lifters. Rob Twining would be the man to talk to. He is also the APF state chairman. PM me for his email.


Thanks, my bad.


Could always go to Titans and train with PES :smiley:


Thanks guys...I am familiar with Headhunter Barbell but those guys are bench only, not a single full powerlifter among them, but it still might be my best option, plus I'm sure it would be a better atmosphere than where I lift now.

Sob, where are your lifts at number-wise now? Oh, I am definitely coming up tuesday night.


I lift at Bodybuilders, and I just got home from school actually and was wondering who I was going to train with.

I live right in Akron, give me a PM and we can talk.



If you can't find anything give Buckeye Gym in Tallmadge a try. This is my regular gym but it is geared more towards bodybuilding rather than powerlifting. Its definitely the best gym i have found in the area. Best part about it is its a serious gym and everyone there knows their stuff. You'll see some pretty impressive physiques too.


Supertraining. this place is awesome and very condusive to strength training, the owner of it, Rick Davis, is a guy who knows his stuff, bodybuilding, powerlifting, sports everything. he has Reverse-Hypers, GHR, boards, sleds, chains, bands, everything you need to be a successful powerlifter. his place is by where the canton-akron indians used to play at (or canton crocodiles) if you want more info just PM and ill hook you up.


I used to train at John Black's Health World on Lorain in Cleveland. Spend a few months there and take a look at Powerlifting USA Magazine and you'll recognize a lot of faces. John holds a lot of records knows his stuff. There is also King's Gym on the east side. I've never trained at King's but I've heard a lot of good things about it.


I train at Black's Health World on Lorain and W 120th. There are several powelifters that still train there, like me. John Black is a very nice guy and very knowledgable about powerlifting.