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Looking for Places to Train


Good places in the Mid-West to train. Preferably IL, IO, CO, MO. Anybody have any first hand experience or know of places that are reputable. Looking to move in about two years and I'm trying to plan WAY ahead. Obviously not all of these places will be open then, and new ones may pop up.

Interested in:

  1. Muay Thai
  2. Jui Jitsui or Judo or both
  3. Wrestling
  4. Boxing

Those are the priorities. Pretty much HAS to teach Muay Thai, would like it to teach a little of everything.


well, obviously there’s Militech FS in Bettondorf, IA. most of the non-pro’s that i know that have trained there said it was good, but more of a “fight-club” atmosphere. if you were talented and in great shpe it was a good time, otherwise they just beat the crap out of you to make you quit.

there Jeff Curran’s gym in Chicago, IL also. he’s really cool guy, and a BJJ whiz. here’s link to his gym’s site: http://teamcurran.com/teamcurran/ a couple guys i know train there and really like it…


Thanks I’ll check it out.


www.fightresource.com, has a up to date of listing mma/muaythai/valetedo/bjj schools