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Looking For Photos of Seniors

My wife and I are over 50 years and now contemplate to switch from walking to bodybuilding. We’ve read that bodybuilding will be healty.But we don’t know how bodybuilding will change our appearance. So my request. Do You have photos from seniers like us who look quit fit?

Thank You in advance.

(I hope You understand my request, because I’m from germany.)

In case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a very inspiring thread started by T-Nation member Old Navy. If I remember correctly he started competing when he was 61 - what I can say for sure is that he’s in awesome shape.

You might want to read through his thread as well as look at the pictures in his profile to see what’s possible to achieve through hard work and dedication, regardless of age:




4 (or was it 5?)


Masters over 50


I thought 50 was the new “40”? Did you all not get the memo?

[quote]Professor X wrote:
I thought 50 was the new “40”? Did you all not get the memo?[/quote]

That would explain some of the posts by some of these guys in their 20’s. Maybe 20 is the new 10.

To the OP. I would in no way wish to appear discouraging as it is truly never too late to start. Just be sure to be sensible and do a bit o research.

I’m 43 and am here to report that it ain’t the same as when I was younger. Train hard and most of all have fun, but there’s no denying that it’s just easier to hurt yourself as we get a bit more “mature” shall we say.

The pics of the older crowd inspire me the most.