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Looking For Phoenix, AZ Gyms

I just moved to Phoenix, AZ and want to start some serious strength training again after a long layoff. I set foot in LA Fitness today, but hated the atmosphere. Does anyone from the Phoenix area know of a good gym that isn’t quite so…mainstream?

Where are you in Phx? There’s a cool new gym called StrengthWorks in Tempe on McClintock and Apache.


Pretty good if you like doing things like squats, deadlifts, good mornings and bench press.

What part of town are you in?


I live in central Phoenix right around McDowell and 38th street. I’m into powerlifting, although I’m a beginner at it. I’d like to find a gym near where I live, but after touring LA Fitness and Bally’s last night…I’ve decided that finding a GOOD gym would be worth a little extra driving time.


It was good to meet you last night. Thanks for coming out and seeing us. Things in the gym are always interesting to say the least, and you can’t ask for a better environment to train in.