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Looking for personal trainer in Pittsburgh


I am trying to find a quality personal trainer in Pittsburgh, PA.

I am fairly knowledgeable about training/diet but need someone who can help me stay motivated and (most importantly) who will help me set goals and track my progress toward them (bodyfat, lifts, etc.)



Greeting, I also live in Pittsburgh and it is not easy. I am in the process of looking myself. A few leads:

Club one on Penn: expensive and I don’t like the vibes there, but they have a pool, and I belong. Most of the trainers there suck. There was one balding male trainer who looked promising–you could tell he was hard core. I saw him training a high school kid in olympic lifts. I think there is supposed to be another good one there, but I don’t know the name. If I find out, I’ll let you know.

Taylor made fitness on Freeport road in fox chapel. The owner Bill is good but hard to get an apt. with. I just had one session with Steve there yesterday. I think he is good, but maybe not great. hard to tell after one session.

If you find out any other leads, please let me know.

Oh BTW if you have any interest in yoga I know of a great yoga studio.


PS where do you live and how long have you been lifting? I live in oakland, have lifted for about 1 1/2 years and am just getting back to lifting after 8 months off due to injuries.