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Looking for Perfect Layer Workout


Hey CT been looking through your forum but couldn't find what I was explicitly looking for so thought I'd write my own post. I'm a beginner who wants to get into Olympic lifting eventually. However right now I'm just wonder what layer system you would recommend to me to build a good foundation to continue onto Olympic lifts. At the beginning of the workouts I'm most probably going to do some technique work on snatchs and clean and jerks but I don't add much weight on if any.

Just wondering what your suggestion would be on what lifts to do and at what frequency.

Kind Regards.


There is no perfect workout, layer or otherwise.

Perfect means that it's the best for everybody for every situation. And such a program doesn't exist.

My philosophy is that a training program is designed to solve a problem so the best program for a person, in a specific situation will depend on which personal problem needs to be fixed.


Hey thanks for the reply. I would say I need to focus on getting squatting and pressing mainly. would squatting twice a week be viable or be over training??

My initial plan would be something like:

Squats, power cleans/SGHP, Push Press, Rest

Then just Repeat that cycle. In your opinion do you think that would be too much or inefficient for a beginner?

Kind Regards


Honestly if you are a beginner you should not do any form of layer workout. Just learn to perform the big basic lifts efficiently and then become strong at them.

BTW, don't mention overtraining when talking about the frequency of doing a lift. That's just dumb... heck, olympic lifters squat 5-6 days a week, sometimes twice a day. Overtraining is a physiological state brought on by excess stress which leads to a decrease in performance, it's not the act of "training too much"... yes, doing too much work in the gym can contribute to it, but it involves so much more than doing a lift x times a week.

For example if I squat 21 times a week (3 times a day), but only doing 1 set of 5 reps with 60% of my maximum while my friend squat only once a week but does 40 sets of 5 reps with 85% of his maximum... who is more likely to eventually "overtrain"?.