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Looking for People w/ Interesting Lifestyles


"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."
Robert Heinlein

In issue 1 of my magazine Interesting Times we had an article called "So you want my lifestyle: professional poker player and law school slacker in Sweden". We want to do more of those "So you want my lifestyle" segments. I have one coming up about a guy who is a doctor, survivalist, into tactical shooting, does wetware hacking in his garage, and a bunch of other stuff.

That's the kind of stuff I'm looking for. People with a very interesting lifestyle with a diverse (ie not just monomaniacal pursuits) mix of components. People who make you go "whoa! I want that lifestyle!"

I reckon this forum might have a few people with interesting lifestyle, or you might know of other people who have them. Give me your tips here or PM me.

Oh btw: I have already talked to pushharder :slight_smile:


That guy.


And he openly told a publication about it? Wetware, as in biological testing? On whom?

One problem I see you having....is anyone who actually does live on the edge and is successful about it likely won't want the publicity.


It will be done under a nickname.

I don't really know the details of what he's doing but I can ask if you want.


This seems pretty interesting, actually.

Sorry, I'm fairly boring.


do you have links to the article or has it not come out yet? that sounds like an interesting read.


can he hack me a slave?

i shall call him Bitch Wormwood


well previous threads have shown many of our members shit achievement and piss excellence so you should be able to find an interesting guy or two.a few of my personal pursuits involve midnight raids of Taliban hide outs, Grizzly bear hunting with my bare hands (no pun intended, im to awesome for fucking puns) and of course the obligatory pissing of excellence.Id say im pretty boring


Which one? The poker guy was in issue 1. See my profile for link.


Like I've said before: you Americans have too much time and too much money.

grumbles off mumbling something about differences in forum culture


I think my life is interesting. No one else does.


i farted yesterday. do i count?


LOL. He can even provide you with animations to go with his story!


Ever sharted while doing an overhead press? That bar's never gone up so fast.

I may try to incorporate this method into all my max effort lifts. I'd need diapers doing the Anaconda protocol.


I'm not a good mutli-tasker, so I try one interesting thing at a time.

As a child, I was a 2nd degree black belt Taekwondo intructor. Super gay. I could beat up kids, but a pack of rabid sheep dogs ate me for breakfast when I was 9. I lost the battle, but they got put to sleep. Justice!

As a teen, I was a 4.0 GPA AP class junkie, punk rock bass player, cross-country loser (like I literally lost the races, not just a loser= fag) and avid MUSHer fag.

Then I dropped out senior year, got my girlfriend pregnant, and started eating acid like candy. Kids are weird.

As an early 20s something, I got into international drug smuggling and crack addiction. Twitching doesn't help crossing borders.

Once my friends went to prison, I cleaned up and started lifting. Gained some weight, but broke a rib boxing a 300lb Mexican friend of mine. Breathing is really taken for granted.

Now, I'm an accountant in the Marine Corps. Explain that to your son. I like to kill towelheads with speadsheets! Excel with M-16s!

My plans for the future include Chinese pharmacist, Buddhist monk, and becoming Sam Fisher from Splinter cell. Ninjas with guns, be afraid. Then end it all with a Darwin award.


Not to hijack the original purpose of this thread, but just wanted to give you (AHA) props on your magazine. Just read both issues and thoroughly enjoyed both. Keep it up. Really enjoyed the part about college students moving to Sweden and picking up Swedish chicks....


Thanks man! Issue 3 is coming out any day now, it will be pretty great. We have an interview with Nate Green, for instance.

Hehe, that article was actually part of my devious ploy to get high-quality T-Nation folks to move to Sweden and be my muscle-bound minions :slightly_smiling:

Everything in it is true though: Sweden really IS full of hot babes and free money.


I'm a professional bad ass. I live with a pack of antelope, I'm a professional billiards player, I let the CIA conduct experiments with various drugs on me, I play jai lai in my spare time and I was the man on the Grassy Knoll.



dude have you SEEN your wife? let's be cereal


High five, brah.