Looking for opinions on whey powders.

I was taking Optimum Nutritions 100% whey chocolate for awhile, tastes pretty good and seems like a really good powder. Then at the beginning of the month I roll into GNC and get all sucked into the hype and end up walking out of there with 12 pounds of their 100% whey for like 60 bucks after my gold card discount and what not. Their vanilla tastes excellent, but my worries are that not only is GNC’s brand super heavy on the cholesterol, it has less protein per serving than the optimum nutrition. My question is do you guys have a preference, or are they all pretty much the same and just go with what is cheapest? I take about 8-10 servings a day with my diet so price is a factor, but if one is much better I could deal out the cash.


Read the article called “Protein Insider” from a few weeks ago at T-mag. You’ll never look at those cheap tubs of protein the same way again.