Looking for Online Coach for Steroid and Training

I have been lifting for 20 years. I have done professional power lifting and amateur body building. I’m looking to get really big now that I am out of the service. Want to bring in steroids but I need help. Can anyone give me advice. I currently train 7 days a week 2 hrs a day. I’m 6’4” 255 lbs at 14% BF. I want to get over 300 lbs. my current lifts are Bench 425lbs, squat 600lbs, and deadlift 700lbs.

There’s plenty of great info on these pages that can help a ton. Sadly, a large majority of trainers really give terrible advice. It sounds like you have a pretty good background with training and nutrition.

I’d start off by telling you, 7 days a week is not beneficial and too much, even when on cycle. Rest is extremely important.

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God damn, these are some impressive stats… Good on you… if these have been acquired naturally and you decide to pull the plug (being aware of the numerous risks involved) I’d be very excited to see how far you progress

I gotta agree with @aaronca here. You sound like a natural mesomorph here but that level of training can lead to injury and plain old wear and tear. With some solid gear in you and a 4 day/week workout, you stand to make some big gains.

What does this mean? You won money?

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