Looking for objective sources of info...

I think the short answer to my question is for someone to point me in the direction of some objective (i.e. not selling their own product) sources of information about supplements and routines. Also, if you have a minute, I’d appreciate a response to my below question. Many thanks.

I'm 25, 5'11" and weigh between 165-170 with about 8-10% body fat. It is my goal to get to benching 300 lbs. before December... kind of a weird goal considering bench press with a bar isn't even in my routine now... I jog twice weekly and get to the gym 2-3 a week and lift like a champ when I'm there. I have not made any signficant gains all summer - in fact, I'm not signifcanlty stronger than I was a year ago. My question is geared less towards the workout routine and more toward what supplements are out there that won't screw with my natural hormonal balance signficantly and will increase my stamina and ability to build muscle? I know diet is important, and I do fairly well in that department, but I'm looking for somehting to supplement a healthful diet. I've been supplement free all summer. I am thinking about stacking creatine monohydrate, some essential fatty acids, and something else depending on what I learn from looking stuff up and your ideas.

If you have any thoughts on a weight lifting program that will help me accomplish my goals, I’d appreciate that info, too. Thanks in advance. -Wave

To be honest, your problem is probably not eating enough. I don’t think creatine or anything else will help you get stronger or bigger in the situation you are in right now. Read Massive Eating by John Berardi and The Diet Manifesto by Chris Shugart. If after that you still feel like you don’t know how to fix your problem, come back and post again. Oh, and The Missing Ingredient by Chris would be a good one as well. You can find them in past issues of T-mag.

The first thing you need to make sure of is are you eating well enough for the gains you desire? It’s hard to make good strength gains if you’re not consuming an abundance of calories. Second, is your program a bodybuilding type program or is it a powerlifting type program? If you’re training like a bodybuilder and have the goals of a powerlifter then some things will need to change. For non hormonal strength enhancement the following will apply: Glutamine, BCAA’s Surge, Ribose-C, creatine, EFA’s, MRP’s, Protein blends, and Power Drive.
You could also use Tribex…It does increase the Testosterone but does so through a natural mechanism. If you would like any tips on incorporating these supplements into your diet just ask.

You need to do so big time reading. You need to get everything else under control before you waste money on supplements that won’t help you - its filling up your 71’ Pinto with 93 octane fuel. You get it? Right now you are saying that you Jog 2 a week and workout 2-3 times per week? Well it sounds like you Jogging just about as much as you are lifting weights. You need to eat, and you need to either workout more, or jog less if you expect to see any musculature gains. After straitening all that out I would say buy Tribex-500 and Methoxy-7 by Biotest. These supplements are great.

Yeah yeah "I want objective information from sources that aren't promoting their own products" Boo Hoo Bitch! Don't you read this site? I have read it from day one, and i am confident that Biotest is the real deal. I have taken all of there products many of which have become permenant members of my cabinet. Besides protein everything else i take is from Biotest. I wouldn't take a comparable(you really can't)product if it was given to me for free. What other company do you know that would quit making a product (Grow) because of the difficulty in obtaining a certain ingrediant. A lesser company would have substituted a substandard ingredient, and then just keep pumping it through the system with out a word to anyone. Well Biotest posted this info in an article for everyone to read. These guys are legit.