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Looking for Objective Advice

32yrs old. 5’ 10.5" 210lbs (down from 230 at one time) Powerlifting for 8 years and still not very good at it. Chest 45", arms 16", waist 35", upper thigh 25", calves 17". I am working my way down to 190-195. Any advice on what I should concentrate on? I will continue to powerlift and compete in Highland games, just want to look better while I do it.

Hopefully the pic loads…


Lousy front double bi…

apparently the back photo did not load last night…

is it that bad or is this just standard newbie treatment? I don’t care about the rating…but would like some feedback. I should have some better pics in a week or 2.


Its a lot harder to post positive things than it is to post negative things. Take it with a grain of salt. You look like youre pretty solid…what are you lifts like?

Thanks for the comment/compliment but my 3.0 rating doesn’t fit real well with your “not much to complain about” theory.

Lifts: pulled 505 for a PR with just a belt yesterday. I have done 518 in a meet with squat suit and belt. Squat, I have done 405x1 but that was 4 years and 1 knee surgery ago with just a belt. I am right around 365-385x1 with just my belt now.

I have done 525 in a meet with suit and wraps (single ply) and I did 600x1 in single ply gear out of a monolift in the gym. Bench, my best touch and go without a bench shirt is 365. I have benched 405 in a meet with a shirt.

My next meet is Nov and I should put up PR across the board @ 198 (all other lifts are at 220). I am not very good at PL. I am better at Highland Games. My best events are the 16lb sheaf toss (26’ in games and 28’ in practice) and the 56lb weight over bar (12’2" is my best so far).


back and legs look good… .its ur front thats lacking aesthetically

Big thing is to lose more weight to get more definition but u know that already,

Do more direct ab work also… that i think would have the most noticeable benefit to ur “look”

Thanks. Yeah, I neglected abs for a long time. I figured heavy sq and dl was enough and the situps/crunches I do for PT (USAF). I thought I had decent abs under all that fat, but as the fat is starting to melt away, I realize my abs are not what I imagined. I will continue with a slow cut as I am trying to maintain muscle and I have a PL meet in NOV that I am training for.

I also think my arms are too small and upper chest needs work. Would like more back and hammies are weak. Quads need help too. I am not happy at all, that is why I wanted objective advice from others.

Thanks again


I’m all for bashing the “hot or not” crowd… But a 3?

hmnn, yeah, from your front pose, the front delts look good (you press a lot, and ti shows), but th4e arms are definitely small for the frame.

from the back - solid overall (lack of definition, but you’re plannign on cutting a bit, so thats cool), but way too much spare tire. Throws off any aethetics you may have.

Obviously you’re on the right track, so not many people will take you apart. Besides, as a powerlifter, no on e really expects you to look like a bodybuilder -lol


You clearly have some muscle under there. The only thing preventing you from getting a higher score than you have is the bodyfat in front of all that muscle.

If you lose it I’m sure that score would be 8 or so

[quote]UpChucker wrote:
I will continue to powerlift and compete in Highland games, just want to look better while I do it.

then win. the winner always looks good. It doesn’t matter how ugly, disgusting, smelly or just plain wierd you are. People always love the winner.

Thank you I will be back with some better pics in a month or 2 when I am leaner.

TVEDDY- I am working on it. I also have to get the waist measurement down for my PT test so my desire to be strong and throw far is kind of at odds with the small waist and run fast that the USAF wants. Plus when I go to the beach, if I look decent people notice. I guess I could run around in my kilt and toss the caber or the sheaf on the beach and I would get attention too…


This is a Powerlifter physique. Large and muscular, but not asthetically pleasing to the vast majority of the youngsters who use this site.

Powerlifters generally do not have muscle definition, but they do have most of their size in muscle, just hidden under the bodyfat.

If he were to diet down 20 lbs, he’d get a better rating from the teenybops…but who gives a rats ass about that right?


It takes dedication and drive to get to where you are. It’s a lot harder to build muscle and strength than it is to cut some fat off. I give you an 8 for size a clear bulk. Some people just don’t get it.

It’s telling that a 3x rating comes out before anyone posts a comment. To me, I only rate when I give a comment too. I’m wondering if T-Nation can give us web stats on % of normal system, users providing a rating vs lurkers. If you rate someone a 1-6, you should have the sand to tell someone why.

Thanks Rockscar…like I said not too concerned with the actual number, just wanted feedback on what to concentrate on as far as “getting pretty”. I am continuing to cut and should have something a little more note worthy in a few months.

Other than cutting, the plan is to blast the abs and arms to try and catch the arms up to the torso (I neglected biceps for YEARS, cause they don’t help with the bench, squat, or deadlift).

Strength wise, I am hitting squats hard and hopefully that and some speed pulls will equal a bigger deadlift and as far as bench, the raw strength is okay, just need to get it to transfer to the shirt for my comp in Nov.

There are some pretty strong PL out there that are ripped so I know it can be done!


you look pretty muscular, if not all that defined- although I think the lighting of your photos doesn’t help. Try some lighting that gives more contrast. Hang in there!

I’m not going to give a score, because I think that part of the problem is that you haven’t presented yourself as well as you could have. If you had the tan and good lighting that some other pics have on here, then you’d probably be scoring higher.

For my two cents, I can look at your overall size and see that you’ve done a pretty good job of training over the years. If you cut your body fat down just a little and bring up your arms [and get some smaller trunks so we can see the wheels!], it would really help highlight the gains you’ve made.

you seem just a tad smooth. How about some sun?

I am of swedish descent and that is about as tan as I get…there is a lot of contrast between my white ass and my slightly tan back, but you are going to have to take my word on it. I am slowly working my way down to <200 and then we will see how low I have to go to start to see some abs.

I will load a few more photos…the posing sucks but at least you can see my legs.

crappy back double bi…need to get that right elbow up!