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Looking for Nutrition/Diet Advice


I had wrote this up for someone who asked in another thread and figured I might as well post it here to get whatever kind of criticism I can.

To be honest, I don't really know what I want out of bodybuilding yet... All I know is that I enjoy it and I enjoy dieting and how I feel when I'm doing these things. I also know that, like everyone else, I'm just trying to make the biggest and best gains possible. I guess, in a perfect world, if I had to tell you what type of physique I would want, it'd probably be the typical 'fitness magazine model' look..

Something like Jessie Godderz but possibly a tiny bit smaller in mass. As much as I respect the physiques of people like Thibs etc. I don't want to look that big at the moment. Although, that will probably change as I get more into bodybuilding in the future.

I'm not going to lie, and like I said before, I don't really know a ton about bodybuilding. Next monday will be my 5th week into the gym.

My diet currently looks something like this..

{11am} I wake up and have a Metabolic Drive low carb protein shake (1 scoop) + banana immediately

{NOON} 2x cups of unsweetened oatmeal with frozen blueberries for flavoring, 2-3 egg whites, 2 slice of protein bread(5g protein per slice)

{3pm} 1x Chicken breast, 1x sweet potatoe, 1 cup steamed veggies(broccoli, carrots, cauliflower), 1-2 slices of protein bread

{6pm} 1 scoop protein shake with 5g Creatine monohydrate, banana

{6:45pm} GYM - Drinking 3 scoops Surge Recovery during workout

{9:30} Arrive home and have another protein shake (1scoop, 3 total scoops per day) with 5g Creatine Monohydrate, Banana

{10:30pm} 1x Chicken breast/1x Tilapia Filet and/or 2x cans Albacore tuna, 1 cup steamed veggies and/or raw spinach.

{1:30am} 2/3x spoon fulls of cottage cheese (I have to literally force this down my throat, it's the worst. I usually just eat as much as I feel like I can take without throwing it back up)

Now as I post this, I'm not claiming that it's a proper diet, or it's optimal for me - I don't know what's optimal for me. All I can really do is be honest and that's pretty much what my diet looks like. I eat like that 7 days a week with rarely any cheat meals and I've been doing that for a month. If I do have a cheat meal, it'll just be something like a gourmet burrito with no sour cream, or a hamburger or tacos from a nice sit-down restaurant.

Most of that food is just easily accessible for me and healthy so that's what I eat. It's just my raw diet that I haven't began working towards tweaking yet. I don't ever use anything like salad dressing, or flavoring for any of my stuff. I actually JUST bought some fresh salsa and mrs. dash to try out this week.

List of supplements I'm currently taking:

Biotest Low carb Metabolic Drive protein (3 shakes per day, 1 scoop per shake total)
Biotest Creatine Monohydrate (10g during workout days, 5g during rest days)
Biotest Surge Recovery (I sip it during my lifting workout and usually finish it by the time I'm done with lifting weights and ready to get on cardio)
Men's 1-a-day
Fish Oil that I bought from my local Grocery store

Basically what I'm looking for is just any beginning advice that has to do with the diet I'm on, or the supplements I take. I'm also fairly tight on money, so if there are any supplements in my aresenal that you feel like aren't a necessity for me at this time, let me know. Or if you think I'm missing something very vital for my nutrition, also let me know.

Thanks guys


You food choices look pretty good.

What is your current goal? Lean up? Add Size? How has this plan worked for you thus far?

Depending upon that answer would determine what I would recommend adding or removing from your plan.


Definitely add some size, but like I said above, in a perfect world, I'd probably chose to match a Jessie Godderz physique. I like his proportions and I honestly don't want to be any bigger than that at this moment in time (although that might, and probably will change once I get more into bodybuilding)

I've only been working out for about 5 weeks, but I've definitely lost bodyfat and put on a little bit of muscle since I started and I'm happy with it personally. I just always feel like I can be doing better with whatever I do, so even though I'm pleased with my results after a month, I still want to keep learning and improving.

jessie godderz physique pic for reference


bump for any advice


Sounds like you have everything lined up nicely at the moment.
You are making good progress so keep doing what you are doing.
When progress starts to slow down or stagnate consider increasing activity or dropping some of the carbs, like the sweat potato, from your nutrition.


i need help. I gained 30lbs so fast. I need a fat burning workout. Is running the best way?


lol wrong thread but yeah. If you're asking if running is better than any other type of gym cardio, then I'd say generally yes. Although I'm sure there are different circumstances in which something else could be more beneficial.


Thanks brotha. I feel like, right now, it would make the most sense to blame a lack of carbs in my pre-workout diet for all of the small problems I feel like I'm having. What would you suggest for some other really good pre-workout daytime carbs? (besides pasta, oatmeal, sweet potato)


Strictly pre workout window. You can get away with a bowl of cold cereal. Not something like fruity pebbles but a shredded wheat, cheerios, rice krispies type cereal. Low amounts of added sugar is preferred. Sometimes I'll do this with a shake just for the simplicity.