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Looking for Nutrition Advice

Currently 5ft 7in 190 lbs. 20% body fat. 600 mg test e weekly. Week 3 of 10. I eat clean and healthy but I’m retaining a tremendous amount of water and am heavier than I have been in years. I’m currently eating 1.5 protein per lb of body weight and about 2700 calories. My question is should I eat more or less. When I’m eating clean off cycle I eat about 2000-2200 calorie daily. I am
Paranoid about my nutrition and all that because I will do anything not to be fat again. Just want to make sure I’m heading in the right direction. Keep all rude responses to your self. Thanks

How much weight are you gaining each week?

Right it’s up roughly 10 lbs in three weeks. Feel really really boated. I’m ok with the bloat if I knew it wasn’t fat.

Your E2 is probably too high right now.

Yes I’m waiting arimdex in the mail. I was going to take 0.5 mg 3x week? Thoughts?

Do you have any blood work showing your current Total T, Free T, and sensitive E2 numbers?

Be careful with the AI. It’s potent shit and overdoing it can crash your E2 and put you in a world of hurt. I would start very low and monitor levels via blood test very often.

No-one in the least concerned that a dude at 190 lbs and 20% bf is using?


Hence the high E2! Lol

I’m more concerned with the thought that this poor guy is possibly running an appreciable cycle without any bloodwork whatsoever. Basically blind! I hope this isn’t the case, but if it is…well…

Here’s your sign!

I guess the right thing to do right now would be to try to navigate him through getting away from the ledge…we can talk about why he was up there later.

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So how do you suggest I get blood work done? Tell my dr I doing it? And expect them to? That’s what I don’t understand

I need a way to get blood work done without going to a dr.

I dunno Darwinism lol?

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Go online to discounted labs and order your own labs. No Dr required. Pay for them and they’ll send you a lab order. Go to the local facility that they work with in your area (usually like LabCorp or someplace similar). They draw your blood and you get the results in a week or so in your email.

Running a cycle without the proper pre-reqs could be dangerous man. I’m not trying to belittle you in any way, but if you had some type of issues that you didn’t know about (ie high HCT or something of the like), you could be playing with your life. Be smart and educate yourself.

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Ok thanks. It’s hard to learn the right information and what needs to be done in relation to the bs that people talk about. I have been reading countless hours to get the information I need. It’s pretty complex. I’ll look up that place tomorrow and see get some ordered

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Sounds like a step in the right direction. While you’re reading, make sure that you have a solid PCT plan in place and have what you need on hand.

I do have a plan and what I need in that regard and have some good general knowledge about What’s going on. There is a lot more I need to know though.

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I literally have zero experience with gear, so what I say next might not apply to be you.

To me, and my knowledge, 10lbs in 3 weeks seems a bit too much. Especially if you want to minimize fat gain.

Two guidelines that I’ve liked for their simplicity are,

  • Losing 1% of your bodyweight per week when on a diet is sustainable
  • Gaining 0.5% of your bodyweight per week when in a building phase will keep fat gain minimal.

Now, obviously these are crude guidelines that falter at the extreme weight ranges (lightweight/heavyweight) however, you are neither. Applying the latter rule would equate to gaining about a pound per week at your current weight.

But, then again, on gear maybe that’s fine?

You can gain 10lbs of water weight in like 3 days when you’re using

Yeah but why even bother? I gave up on these guys years ago


Ah, interesting. Thanks for informing me :slight_smile:

Man, it can actually be hilarious. Guys’ll gain like 30lbs on cycle then lost 25 of them when they come off.

They’re like “yeah bro I’ve gained 30lbs in 8 weeks!” then they literally just piss it out during PCT.