Looking for New Routine

I have been using starting strength for a few months and have made some good size/strength gains. I’m still slowly increasing my lifts but slower than I was at first. I figured I would keep going with this program for a little bit longer, but I was wondering when I should switch to another program and what would be a next program to follow next. I figured I would keep going with starting strength until I plateaued. I’m still trying to increase my lifts and size. Any suggestions on what program I should try next or how much longer I should continue starting strength?

I like to get my beginners doing Bill Star’s 5x5, but only with 4x5. It makes a good step from such low volume. No one else here would suggest that, but it seems to work.
After that, the most popular programs are WS4SB3, Bill Star’s 5x5, or in rare cases of a good high clean caloric diet you can hit a high volume program.

The Shotgun Method

one of my personal favs
effective and pretty entertaining.
check homepage of t nation for routine