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Looking for New Program


What’s that?

EDIT: Nevermind. Just googled it.

I found this one:

It looks like there’s a just about an equal amount of pulling and pushing. If you wanted, you could just do an extra set or two, or drop an arm, shoulder, or calf movement for another back movement.


Take a look at this:

It’s two workouts a day, six days a week. One workout is done at the gym, and one is done at home. For the at home workout, all it requires is one pair of light dumbbells and one resistance band, which can be bought for very little.

It looks pretty good for losing fat as well as hopefully keeping some size and strength, if not even improving it a little bit.

Or if you really want to hit your back, try this:


This is the problem, you think you need way more than you actually do.


This is like saying you are looking for the perfect car. Nothing is going be fast and handle well and brake on a dime and have lots of passenger room and be cheap to purchase and run and go offroad and go on a track and be good to cart the kids around in and do the shopping with and help haul big loads and look great.

So pick one that is aimed at your goals and attack it. Once you have finished then evaluate it and use that experience for your next program decision.

Otherwise, you will be here in 6 weeks time having run 5 different programs and still be looking for the perfect one with zero idea of what perfect actually looks like.


@ jshaving. Thad program looks interesting, but i don’t have enough time for ik. I work all day, then eat and then train. After training i eat again and go to bed. Thnx anyway! Forgot to say: my goals are gettint big and aesthetic.

@ chris_ottawa i agree. I over think it. Just have to chose a program. But i’am afraid thad if its not balanced, then some muscle parts will be lacking. Not sure how to say this right. (I’am from the netherlans.)

@ strongmangoals you are right. Good comparison. :stuck_out_tongue: j just gonna pick a program stick with it for a few months.


If you don’t want to squat heavy and you don’t think the other programs have enough volume for your legs than try this:


Can you tell me your height weight age stats, I may be able to help, coached loads of athletes, know about the power of simplicity.