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Looking for New Deadlift Suit

looking for opinions on Deadlift gear. I pull conventional in APF/AAPF. I’ve used Inzers Fusion and Titans Velosity. Probably favor the Titan. Anyone try any of the Metal stuff?

Yes, I pull conventional and use Inzer gear for squat and bench, but LOVE the Metal Pro deadlift suit. I’ve never used the Velocity, but I have used Inzer Max DL single and double ply and the Fusion. The Metal Pro is just plain awesome.

not sure if that fed is single or multi ply but ill give you my opinions on both! The metal multi ply suits are great stuff, but you have to know what you like in a suit to really get the most out of it. your two choices are the king pro and the jack.

The king pro material is super stiff and gives a great “shove” out of the bottom, but doesn’t do too much for me on the top end. The jack is cut slightly different and fits me a little bit tighter in the hips which i feel makes the suit better for me on the top end compared to the king pro. the jack is also thicker BUT stretchier, which i found helped me get into position a lot easier.

for multi ply you might also consider the Metal Pro squatter and the Metal Ace squatter. many people use those to deadlift in as well. i cant speak for the ace but i have pulled in a pro squatter before and it’s not half bad. thinner and stretchier than the jack but the carryover isn’t as great (for me). as far as single ply goes, i have only used the IPF king deadlifter.

same king material as the king pro but 1 layer on the back half instead of 2. has the same qualities as the king pro (minus the velcro) and gives a pretty decent “shove” out of the bottom. so take what you will out of that. i think their stuff is great

Thanks for the input. I think I will give the Metal King Pro conventional a try.