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Looking for Muscle Building Program

anybody wanna help me out with a program. been an endurance athlete for 40 years. i’m 6’ 150#. i been lifting my whole life, but lifting to make myself a better runner, then a better cyclist. not lifting for bulk or to look good… even though runners and cyclists are skinny, you still need curls, rows, dips pullups in your program to be strong. the last 440 in a fast 5k, and your running it in sub:55 you need arm strength and shoulder strength too… same in cycling. sitting relaxed on your bike at mile 60 in a 75 mile race when the pace really heats up takes a lot of upper body strenght…

so i been thinking maybe its time for a change… maybe slowly add a few pounds on.
so i know from years at the gyms you’re do compound movements. so whats a good weightlifting program to do . focus on deads squats and benches, then do the other movements too? curls military presses, hang clleans… or just do pullups and dumbell rows, for back and inclines and dips for chest. squats for legs.

so many exercises to choose from… i have time in the morning and evening to train. eating is no problem, as i ezt 5000 calories a day the last 40 years. just up the protein.i’m getting over 150 grams now anyway…i dont wanna just eat and get fat like i seen some skinny guys at the gym do. looks horrible and it isnt good for you.skinny guys that wanna bulk up eat junk get a fat gut and are still skinny … looks horrible.slow progression. anybody want to help me out with a plan on what exercises to do, and how often? thanks

Look up WS4SB its a great program for someone who has been training but is still considered a beginner and has a good idea of how to properly do the exercises and is great for adding real world strength and size as well of you choose.

[quote]spk wrote:
so i been thinking maybe its time for a change… maybe slowly add a few pounds on.[/quote]
Are you still going to be riding a lot, or are you cutting back on the bike work? That’s going to be a factor in your training and eating.

At near 60 yrs old and not a whole lot of muscle mass for someone your height, I’d be very cautious of “bulking” aggressively at all, because your metabolism isn’t what it used to be even though you’ve been training hard.

If you reduce your riding, definitely expect to reduce your calories. At your height and weight, there’s not likely to be a need for that many calories. But adjust things on a weekly basis depending on the scale (weigh in just once a week) and the mirror (to monitor fat gain).

Consider Joe DeFranco’s Training Rules for Washed-up Meatheads. It’s a 3 day a week plan that hits everything - strength, muscle, cardio conditioning, mobility - and it’s designed for older lifters.