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Looking for Motivation/Opinions of Others


Hey, almost 21, 6’ and roughly 173 lbs… not as lean as I usually like but looking for motivation and a place to really focus my energies… any comments are appreciated. I have a hard time committing to bulking but I’m slowly reverse dieting adding 50 cal a week currently at 2850 cal…


I’m not really sure what you’re asking for. just compliments?


Here’s some motivation SHOW US YOUR CALVES


Haha no, sort of the opposite… I don’t have any other recent pics at the moment so it was kind of a baseless post I guess


Oh yeah those are under construction and probably always will be


Same, for life.


Look the same as your post in May. I was going to say that your legs look improved possibly / bigger but your weight has stayed the same…?


So, like, you’re adding half an egg or half a slice of toast per week? Really? Dude.

Your goals are your own thing, but you’re definitely lean enough to push a bit more on the calories, especially if you keep a couple of conditioning sessions in each week as “damage control”.

Because you’re ripped and you don’t want to be not-ripped. Understandable and common, but keep your long-term goals in mind (which are what, BTW)?


Yeah it is admittedly a slow increase. I’ll be looking this winter to push the hypertrophic lifting and calories… I’ve been trying to build a nice strength base this summer… and yes it is a bit of a mindf*ck trying to “bulk” as I’ve always been a lean skinny kid. I do love me some food tho haha… my goal right now is just to get as proportional and aesthetic as I can and maybe one day compete naturally as a physique guy or something.


Yes for some reason my legs have developed and leaned out a bit recently. Most of my body fat ends up in my low back area and legs so not sure what’s up there


I appreciate the words of wisdom… I don’t have many friends to seriously bounce things off of or get an objective opinion from so this is all helpful


you could literally do that tomorrow. You’re already lean enough to step on stage without dieting down any further. And you’re big enough for physique. If competing in physique is a goal you have, I would definitely recommend signing up for a show as soon as possible, and just see how you do. It might surprise you.


I appreciate the words of wisdom thank you


Agreed. But invest in a different pair of posing shorts. Those aren’t doing much for you.