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"The sign is saying there are godless people in Cincinnati. We are your friends, neighbors, we might be your policemen, firemen, postmen, whatever and we want to take our place at the table and have our say," said John Welte with the Cincinnati Coalition of Reason.

What table?


The one they used in the Last Supper, maybe? Eh, who knows. Some people would argue about God if God Himself was standing in front of them.


While that might be true, let's not forget that there have been and still are many people who argue for God despite their clearly contradictory views. I'm not saying that all sets of beliefs about God are contradictory, throughout history there have been--and currently is--a strong movement to hold arbitrary beliefs about God no matter what absurd conclusions or contradictions those beliefs entail. Seeing as a contradiction cannot possibly be true, while one could be mistaken about whether it really was God standing in front of them, I'd say the latter is worse than the former.

The point is you will find irrational people on both sides of the debate, so I'm not sure why you even mention this.


While this is just a silly quote--surely bigotry against atheists isn't so extreme that atheists need to come together in some sort of cultural movement--the whole story itself is quite amusing. I wonder if Jesus would have called and left a threat too.


Yeah, I just wanted more info.

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves, but I'm still here wanting to know more about said incident.


That's pretty much it as far I as can tell. I'm not even sure if the threats were reported to law enforcement or not.