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Looking for Mentor in Ottawa

I am from Gatineau but willing to train in ottawa~ I have been powerlifting for 3 months now and loving it. i am very dedicated to the training and not panning to slack off anytime soon :slight_smile: I have a trainer at my gym, she showed me the basic of powerlifting and gave me specific workouts. But now i am seriously looking into the Ottawa 3 lift Open for July and have no idea of where to start! I would like to find someone that can help me and show me the ropes!
Please, help me!

I will summon Ms. O and see if she has any suggestions. She and her husband are very involved in the CPU.

The best place to start is the club hosting the three lift: Club Name: Iron Works
Club Contact: Sandro D’Angelo
Address: 630 Du Parc Ave. Russell On. K4R 1G4
Phone Number: 613 769 7747
Email: sandrodangelo@rogers.com
Website: ottawaironworks.weebly.com/

They are a big club and have a ton of excellent lifters to help and mentor each other. Contact Sandro and he’ll be happy to help you out.

Tell him Julie referred you.

OMG i am sooo happy, thank you …

thank you!!! :slight_smile:

No problem at all. FYI, I run the OPA website and my husband is the Central Region Chairperson. If you have any other questions about competing in Ontario anyway just email us through Ontariopowerlifting.org.