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Looking for Meets

I am a junior in high school looking to compete in powerlifting. Does anyone have any good links for meets for high school or junior competitors? Any links are much appreciated. Also does anyone have any tips for peaking?

I have read a few of Tate’s and Staley’s articles on the matter as well as some others but I was hoping some people who have actually competed could give a newbie like myself some advice. Much thanks!


Also check out the USAPL web site.

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You can do better than that…


For what it’s worth, no one seems to post meets in MA very far ahead of time. They are usually only posted a couple of months out at best.

Are you looking to compete raw or equipped?

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Stronghold wrote:

You can do better than that…



Again with the attitude. You better watch yourself young lady.

I figured I would at least make him work for it a LITTLE :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I have found powerliftingwatch.com to be unreliable (some meets not listed, some listed that don’t actually exist). I would just look through some bigger federations calendars, such as USAPL.

I couldn’t find any in MA so I signed up for one in PA:

March 21-22, 2009 - Pennsylvania State PL Championships

I am competing raw for the first time in my life, any advice anyone has for me would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck